Will human civilization survive after a nuclear war?

Will human civilization survive after a nuclear war?
19 March 2024 J.W.H

We live in times when Russia is starting to scare your entire world with nuclear weapons, and political tensions on the earth have reached a stage where many are starting to ponder whether human civilization will survive a nuclear catastrophe. You can hear many expert opinions on post-apocalyptic topics.

According to the authors of the Telegram channel Mayday. The Nose Diving Chroniclespandemics of varied deadly infections, sudden climate change and disasters at nuclear and chemical facilities remain crucial threats to humanity, not to say the worst-case scenario of worldwide nuclear war.

When it involves the query of the rebirth of human civilization as such, researchers consider that just over 100 individuals with equal gender balance could be enough for humanity to survive.

The set of genes within the descendants will allow the brand new human civilization to survive and develop (the instance of the Maori is indicative here).

You also should have in mind the offensive of nature. If urban development will not be supported by life support systems, nature will quickly take its toll.

In a number of years, the plants will occupy all of the ruins, as happened in Abkhazia. For example, the Tkuarchal Regional Power Plant in Abkhazia was a state-owned regional power plant that supplied power to the commercial city of Tkuarchal and its surroundings. It was inbuilt the Fifties and was the primary recipient of coal mined in Tkuarchal.

Later, within the late Nineteen Eighties, the regional power plant switched to natural gas. During the Georgian-Abkhazian war in 1992-1993, it was demolished and to this present day it stays in a deplorable condition, beyond repair.

People will survive and find something to do. Rural residents may have a better time surviving because they are going to have the ability to return to agriculture, farming and cattle breeding. They will need primitive agricultural tools to make sure the survival of the villages.

The primary problem can be to preserve and revitalize scientific knowledge. Gadgets and devices, like other technologically complex products that require advanced production, can’t be reproduced from scratch. The people themselves can be occupied with completely different problems.

The descendants of scientists and professors, forced to hunt and gather, are unlikely to have the ability to pass on their knowledge in regards to the structure of the solar system to their descendants.

This development of events needs to be considered even before the top of the world. Otherwise, the world will plunge into one other Stone Age.

Analysts of the “Older than Edda” project consider that the possible addition of the nuclear club doesn’t seem unprecedented. Technically, one-third of the UN member states are able to developing an atomic bomb. It's harder to develop vehicles to hold nuclear bombs, but there's nothing particularly complicated about making a nuclear weapon.

In fact, the one thing that protects us from the mass production of Apocalypse weapons is the crumbling post-war world order and US hegemony.

For example, Germany and Japan are ready to provide not only warheads but in addition excellent delivery vehicles inside a yr.

Turkey doesn’t have such technical support for this process, but the issue is that its transition into the ranks of nuclear powers is not going to hassle the West much.

France and Great Britain usually are not able to allow Germany to have nuclear weapons. The United States will oppose Japan as much as possible, and Turkey on this case will appear to be an excellent candidate to hitch the supremacist club.

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