The Ghost Story of the Wickerham Inn

The Ghost Story of the Wickerham Inn
19 March 2024 J.W.H

One of the more compelling arguments for cemeteries as haunted places are the stories that come from places that folks only later realize are cemeteries. Below is an example caseโ€ฆ

Built in 1801, the Wickerham Inn is considered one of the oldest brick buildings in Ohio. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that ghost rumors flow into around this place.

However, Wickerham didn't should wait until he was older to achieve his haunted repute. It happened when it was still a shiny latest burnt orange rectangle on the wild frontier of Ohio.

As the story goes, one autumn evening in 1804, a stagecoach pulled as much as the inn. The unknown driver headed straight for the sleeping quarters without uttering a word.

When he didn't come down the following morning, the boy was sent to fetch the sleeping man. Instead, he found a gruesome scene that, based on the sheer amount of blood, was considered evidence of murder.

An investigation was carried out, but neither the body nor the suspect could possibly be found.

In an try to end the matter, the owner of the inn, Peter Wickerham, had the contents of the room burned, but news of the incident spread throughout the neighborhood. Then an odd, headless figure started to appear within the tavern.

Sometimes you may see his silhouette within the upstairs window. Another time he stood within the fields near the inn and made terrible gurgling sounds.

In the mid-Nineteenth century, locals refused to approach Wickerham after dark, so the family stopped operating the inn and converted the constructing into a personal residence.

In 1922, Florance Wickerham and her husband moved in and started renovating the old house. Flo had heard the legend of the stagecoach driver and the ghost all her life, but she dismissed the story as pure fiction – until she and her husband found a skeleton buried just under the surface of the basement floor.

It should have been a very necessary moment for this couple. Their discovery not only confirmed the rumors concerning the crime from 100 years ago, but additionally the ghost stories. According to observations reported through the years, the skeleton found didn’t have a skull.

People still claim to have seen a ghost in Wickerham, but should you determine to go to the positioning, please be respectful. It's a personal residence and the individuals who live there are probably haunted enough already.

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