The man went to Alaska in the hunt for the Black Pyramid and disappeared

The man went to Alaska in the hunt for the Black Pyramid and disappeared
19 March 2024 J.W.H

On May 27, 2020, Nathan Campbell, 41, chartered a charter plane out of Talkeetna to fly to a small lake within the northwest corner of Denali National Park.

In addition to basic camping equipment, Campbell brought a generous supply of food stored in plastic containers and a two-way satellite communicator to envision in together with his wife and youngsters. He planned to spend the following 4 months alone in the middle of Interior Alaska.

Campbell selected an odd place for his summer vacation. The plane landed him on the shore of Lake Carey, a mile-long patch of blue surrounded by tons of of square miles of uninhabited wilderness stuffed with a few of the most rugged terrain in Alaska.

Travel in either direction would require wading through head-high alder thickets and waist-high beaver ponds. Reaching the closest town – Lake Minchumina, population 13 – would require every week of hellish bushwalking. If Campbell was on the lookout for solitude, he definitely found it.

But Campbell wasn't there for fun, he was there on a mission. On the long flight from Talkeetna to Carey Lake, with an unlimited green carpet of boreal forest floating below them, the normally shy Campbell told his pilot Jason Sturgis how he planned to spend the summer.

Campbell got here to Carey Lake in the hunt for something that until now existed only within the darkest and least updated corners of the Internet: the Black Pyramid, an enormous underground structure that’s rumored to be 4 times the scale of the famous Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, and hundreds, if not tens of millions, of years old .

Nathan Campbell

Conspiracy theorists claim that the structure is so powerful and its importance for national security is so great that every one traces of the pyramid and the military base that was imagined to protect it have been erased from satellite images.

Although bush pilots, trappers and natives have traveled the realm around Carey Lake for generations, a fast search of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner archives shows little mention of the large alien pyramid or the top-secret base in central Alaska. But nonetheless, until Nathan Campbell got here along, nobody was really on the lookout for him. And his reasons for searching deep within the Alaskan wilderness make sense, in the event you follow the vague logic of conspiracy theory.

First, the Black Pyramid matches neatly into the pantheon of paranoia-inducing military installations in Alaska. The most infamous of those is the High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program (HAARP) positioned just outside Fairbanks. Depending on who you ask, HAARP is a high-frequency transmitter used to remotely trigger earthquakes to overthrow Venezuelan dictators, control the world's climate and undermine the fossil fuel industry, or help scientists study the ionosphere. Pick what you wish.

Secondly, the alleged location of the Black Pyramid has long been recognized as an area of ​​geostrategic importance. In the Thirties, General Billy Mitchell, the so-called “father of the American Air Force.” he saw that Lake Minchumina – about forty miles north of where Campbell landed at Carey Lake – was equidistant from the foremost urban-industrial centers of the northern hemisphere.

This meant that with the identical fuel tank, a B-52 taking off from the shores of Lake Minchumina could hit Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, Paris, and even New York. In modern warfare, General Mitchell showed that the outback could turn into the middle of all the things.

Then, within the early Nineties, real evidence of the existence of the Black Pyramid emerged. Scientists studying shock waves from a 1992 Chinese underground nuclear test recorded a grainy, pyramid-shaped interference spot 700 feet below the surface of Inner Alaska. Age, origin and performance: unknown. Pyramids have a special appeal in conspiracy theory and New Age.

According to web gurus, the unique pyramid shape resonates with energy that, even in a palm-sized object produced from a quartz base, can tenderize meat, improve sex life and eliminate unpleasant bathroom odors.

If the outcomes of the nuclear test turned out to be true and there was an enormous pyramid beneath the middle of Alaska, then its power would undoubtedly be immense, able to emitting waves of energy that might make a Fairbanks outhouse smell like spring or trigger mind-blowing orgasms hundreds of miles away on the outskirts Dawson City (provided, in fact, that you simply and your partner are tuned to the pyramid frequency).

The Black Pyramid gained greater notoriety after a heated revelation from an anonymous retired Navy captain on the legendary “Coast-to-Coast” conspiracy theory radio program. Throughout the Nineteen Eighties, the captain worked on top-secret radar installations in Alaska.

Over the years, he noticed that a mysterious, extremely powerful source of electromagnetism near Lake Minchumina was disrupting aircraft operations and communications at his base. Now, after reviewing the Chinese test results, the captain realized the source of the disruption – a large pyramid-shaped underground structure in the center of Alaska that was not shown on any maps or satellite images. It is subsequently not surprising that when the captain presented these facts to his superiors, they threatened him with a court-martial. Now we all know why.

Imagine a weapon powerful enough to disrupt global communications, perfectly positioned to strike every major power within the Northern Hemisphere. Building the usual infrastructure of military bases – roads, LZs, Buffalo Wild Wings – would only draw unnecessary attention to it.

For complete secrecy, wouldn't or not it’s higher to cover it in one of the crucial distant, inhospitable corners of the country, in order that only true believers, adept at wilderness survival and ready to brave hordes of mosquitoes and weeks-long storms, could discover its secrets?

In the captain's report, all the things got here together – secret bases, government cover-ups, global war, ancient aliens, the facility of the pyramids – to create the story of the Black Pyramid. A story by which Campbell, if he followed any web knowledge, was definitely planning his summer vacation. No one is certain whether Campbell believed this.

Perhaps he spent a month rummaging through every clump of dwarf birch, on the lookout for the key door to the command center. Or, like an offended deer hunter attempting to escape his nagging wife, Campbell's expedition might have been an excuse to spend a while alone within the desert, to wander through the woods on a mission that didn't really require an answer.

Either way, he got into trouble somewhere. Travel from Carey Lake in any direction can be slow, difficult and dangerous. Did Campbell surprise the bear, fall into the beaver pond, or possibly get caught in a freak snowstorm? Nobody knows.

The NPS need only depend on scattered testimonies and fragments of evidence. Before the plane departed, Campbell ordered his charter pilot, Jason Sturgis, to select it up from Carey Lake in mid-September, just before the arrival of winter in Alaska. Sturgis then boarded the plane and flew back to Talkeetna. This was the last time anyone saw Campbell alive. Sometime in mid-June, Campbell's satellite messages stopped.

His wife contacted Sturgis, who told her to call a helicopter company to envision the situation of Campbell's last transmission. The results of her phone calls or whether she tried to look are unknown. It wasn't until Campbell missed his pickup date on September 15 that the NPS sent a search team to Carey Lake.

After several days of combing the undergrowth, rangers found a few of Campbell's equipment – cracked food containers, moldy clothes, a ruined tent – but no trace of the Wasilla native. The only clues were the rodent-chewed stays of his diary, buried within the tent. The last entry, dated sometime in late June, simply stated, “I went for water.” Then he just disappeared.

The NPS flew over the realm for several days but ultimately had to desert the search. Let's hope Campbell, if he was still alive, was prepared. The icy winds and freezing temperatures of winter can arrive at any time. Soon snow covered the landscape and made it not possible to travel on foot. Campbell would must hunker right down to survive. But a couple of barrels of ramen and a tent at Wal-Mart wouldn't be enough; with no pantry stuffed with moose meat and a well-sealed shelter, Campbell was pretty much as good as dead.

On October 1, 2020, Campbell was reported missing. Wherever he’s, I hope he found what he was on the lookout for. Somewhere deep within the Alaskan wilderness, the seek for the Black Pyramid continues.

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