Masked man

Masked man
18 June 2024 J.W.H

First of all, I'm 13 years ancient. My dad died 6 years ago, followed by many close relatives. It all started on December 24, 2011 and I remember part of the dream – yes, a dream… And it's strenuous to write it in an empty room, on an iPod.

That's true. I have experienced violence in my life – I don't know childhood.


I “woke up” in a very brilliant room – seriously, everything was like sunlight. I stood up and looked around. I saw a hooded figure in the corner. His coat was shadowy brown. The only thing I saw apart from that was his eyes – yellow. He beckoned me over and I followed him out of curiosity. He (I think it was him) said that there are seven others like him, and each of them is charged with finding their reincarnation and leading them. I listened well and woke up. 2:30. I went back to sleep.

This time I saw him and two others, similar to him but barely apparent. I was in my ancient house, with my novel family. They had an argument. I ran to my ancient room… Just as I remembered it, a bed by the door, two hamsters (they both died there) in two cages… I broke down and jumped out the window. The hooded man stood and watched. I shouted at him. He did nothing, nothing but admit to what I was shouting. I see him next to me, watching me write… I call him Cinos. He seems to accept the name and I don't blame him, calling him “He” is weird…

May 1, 2012

This dream was brief, but he told me that I was “doing a great job” and other praises, and then told me not to tell anyone about him. I break that promise and he watches me do it with his yellow eyes.


This dream was the haziest, but all I could see was him and the darkness. I was wondering why I was seeing this.

I have imaginary wolf friends in my waking life, but I share Cinos both in reality and in my dreams…

This may seem scary to you, but my father… He had a vasectomy before I was born, it didn't take long, and my date of birth, time (excluding year) and place were those of the stillborn baby my mother had given birth to long time time ago.

Can I experience paranormal phenomena or is Cinos just an imaginary friend?

I need aid…

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    John Williams is a Reincarnationist paranormal Intuitive freelance writer...he is living proof of reincarnation existence, through his personal exploration, he has confirmed its authenticity through visits to the very lands where these events transpired.

    Through guided meditation/s using hemi-sync technology he has managed to recollect 3 previous lives to his own, that go back to the Mid to Late 19th century.

    JWH - "You are the GODS! - Inclusion of the Eternal Light of Love and you shall never die”.

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