Recent owner of cursed British painting: 'It's true'

Recent owner of cursed British painting: 'It's true'
19 March 2024 J.W.H

In August 2023, the primary article concerning the cursed image of a young girl was published within the British media. Now this story continues.

It all began when British woman Zoe Elliott-Brown saw a mysterious painting within the Hastings Advice Representation Center art shop in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex.

The painting got here with a note saying it may be cursed because a previous customer had returned it, claiming it had ruined her life.

When Zoe showed her mother a photograph of the painting, she was enchanted and urged Zoe to purchase it. They hung the painting of their home, after which Zoe's mother “came under the influence of the painting”, experiencing various strange events in the home, and even their dog began growling on the painting. You can read more here.

Zoe then returned the painting to the shop, picked it up, and eventually returned it again. The painting was eventually sold for £1,680 to a different buyer, James Kislingbury.

According to Kislingbury, his troubles began when he went to select up the painting. His automotive suddenly broke down on the road and through this mishap he also suffered a collarbone injury.

After the painting was transferred to its historic constructing, a tourist attraction, the constructing's large TV suddenly stopped working and the Wi-Fi disappeared.

His employees also began noticing strange flickering and a mysterious “figure in black clothing.” As a result, Kislingbury decided to take the painting to his home, where disturbing events continued.

Initially, Kislingbury's father-in-law suddenly fell ailing and a previously working toaster exploded within the kitchen. Following these events, Kislingbury immediately returned the painting to the historic constructing.

The painting continued its “paranormal activities”. Between November and December, two unexpected floods occurred within the basement of this constructing. According to Kislingbury, nothing like this has ever happened here before, there have only been very small leaks.

“We're lucky the building is strong enough so the damage wasn't too bad, but it was a bit unexpected. I know a cynic would say it's just a coincidence, but given the number of events that continue to unfold, I really wonder “if there's more to this image than it seems,” Kislingbury says.

“After moving the painting to its new location, we kept it wrapped up in the back of our office for some time. For several weeks, no one knew it was there, but workers began reporting sightings of shadowy figures following them.

“One of the workers even said they kept hearing footsteps behind them, but when they turned around, there was nothing there. And the day it was put in place, our TV exploded and we experienced Wi-Fi outages.”

As a result, Kislingbury decided to call in a medium who, the painting, concluded that the girl within the painting was almost definitely already dead when the artist painted it. And the artist might have been a spiritualist.

However, despite the strange events, Mr. Kislingbury has no plans to part with the “cursed” painting any time soon. He even hung it in a visual place on the reception.

“We aren’t any strangers to the extraordinary things happening on this historic constructing – we even have our own plague pits within the basement. We plan to guard her and hope she is going to discover a pleased home here,” he said.

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