The ghosts of murdered Scots and their executioners live in Chillingham Castle

The ghosts of murdered Scots and their executioners live in Chillingham Castle
19 March 2024 J.W.H

The English Chillingham Castle on the border between England and Scotland was in-built the late twelfth century. According to legend, 1000’s of individuals died inside its partitions. And a few of them remained here as ghosts.

Sage's torturer and his victims

At the tip of the thirteenth century, Chillingham was considered the residence of the English king Edward I Longshanks.

England and Scotland were almost consistently at war, and the castle's basements were full of “rebels”, including even women and youngsters. Prisoners rarely emerged from the dungeons alive.

According to sources, a certain Jan Sage performed the duties of executioner on this prison for 3 years. He previously served within the royal army, but after a leg injury sustained in battle he could not fight.

But the craft of executioner turned out to be good for him. He worked because the chief torturer of King Edward I. He had a deep hatred of the Scots and little mercy, for which the king gave him this position.

John Sage was such a cruel torturer that he is legendary for killing roughly 75,000 men, women and youngsters consequently of his cruelty. He never granted his prisoners a straightforward death; as a substitute, he tortured them until they died.

Legs and arms were often broken before being thrown into the oubliette from a height of 20 feet. Prisoners died painful deaths by falling down in this fashion or just ravenous to death in such a state.

After the tip of hostilities, Sage burned all of the adult prisoners within the castle alive. This happened in front of their children, who, in line with rumors, were then killed by the executioner.

The bodies of the victims were often not buried, but thrown into a close-by lake.

But Sage was overcome with retribution. One day he became offended together with his then lover Elizabeth Charlton about something and killed her.

The girl's father led one in every of the gangs that helped the British fight the Scots. The leader of the robbers threatened the king that if he didn’t take motion against Sage, he and his gang would join the Scots.

As a result, the executioner himself was sentenced to hold. But he allegedly didn’t live to see the execution – one in every of the enemies managed to complete off the sadist.

Currently, in line with legend, the executioner's ghost haunts the castle, ringing in chains and emitting loud moans. And from the previous torture chamber at night you may hear sounds as if someone was dragging a body.

Visitors claim they’ll still hear the screams of tortured souls near the castle and have seen the silhouette of John Sage remaining contained in the castle.

There is a legend that when dying, John Sage placed a curse on the castle and all its subsequent owners.

“The Haunted of Chillingham Castle”, dir Cross Duckis licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Lady Berkeley's ghost

At the start of the 18th century, the Berkeley family became the subsequent owners of the estate. Soon quarrels began within the previously friendly and glad family.

The family has a tragic story; It is alleged that Lady Berkeley's husband eloped together with her own sister, Lady Henrietta, and Lady Berkeley was abandoned within the castle, with only her daughter for company.

Lady Berkeley was completely devastated and in agony. She desired to avenge her broken heart, but she died a lonely death within the castle. If you might be reading this, it signifies that this content was stolen from – and people who copied the text didn’t notice it. But our lawyers will do it.

There is a Gray Room in Chillingham wherein a portrait of Lady Berkeley hangs. It is believed that as soon as an adulterer crosses the edge of Chillingham, the deceased leaves the portrait and begins to wander across the castle.

Visitors say they’ll sometimes hear the rustle of Lady Berkeley's dress within the hallway. Cold, invisible people float along the corridor together with her long dress as she runs in quest of her husband, abandoning a chilly, bone-chilling aura that visitors can feel.

Tourist facility

At the start of the twentieth century, the residence fell into damage, and through World War II it housed soldier barracks. After the war, the estate was almost destroyed, and the Gray family, who owned it at the moment, waived their rights to it – renovating the castle would have led to bankruptcy.

In the Nineteen Eighties, the castle was bought by Lord Humphrey Wakefield and his wife, who was a descendant of those Grays. The Wakefields spent considerable money on the renovation of the monument.

There are many ghost stories about Chillingham Castle, and this isn't even the start. Some of the ghosts from Chillingham Castle are still unnamed, others have yet to be discovered. While not everyone has described a haunted experience during their visit to the castle, a big number of individuals have experienced something like this.

Scientists and folks of logic say it’s a mental disorder, and visitors have found no evidence to suggest otherwise. The castle's owner, Sir Humphrey, each agrees and disagrees with such occurrences and continues to ask visitors to experience the castle's eerie yet fascinating silence.

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