Hanging shadow

Hanging shadow
7 June 2024 J.W.H

My ghost stories started when I first moved to Colorado. My first house there, I slept in the basement (I was about 5 years aged). I remember ending up in my parents' bed almost every night because I saw this shadowy figure hanging from the support beam, just watching me… every night. I would also see my great-grandfather who died. My parents thought I was crazy and signed me up for therapy.

OK, so swift forward, about 6/7 years. In fact, I completely forgot that I even had this experience. Until one day I was home alone (I was about 12 years aged at the time) and I was playing an app called Video Star. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's basically tik tok/music before it was frosty. My sister came home while I was making them and, doing what all sisters do, made fun of me. She decided to take it further by taking my phone, looking through all the videos and continuing to have fun. However, she got to one video that had a strobe lithe effect so the screen went black and then quickly flashed back. She screamed and asked, “What the hell is that behind you?”

Hanging upside down from the ceiling of my kitchen/breakfast bar, you see a black figure watching me and then falling down. My siblings and I have watched this movie a million times.

I thought about all this and heard “what if it was just a movie effect” or “you edited it yourself”. And honestly, I wish it were true. This has been haunting me ever since it happened. The only way I can describe this ghost is as a faceless man, but almost resembling a beak and a cape.

I still get questions from people who saw it, like my oldest sister who lives in another state and aged friends from high school. The video is gone. I'm not sure if iCloud really existed back then, but I sent this video via Facebook Messenger to my oldest sister along with the photos and they all disappeared.

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