Shadow People Yosemite View Lodge

Shadow People Yosemite View Lodge
14 March 2024 J.W.H

Motel-style accommodations on the Merced River put you as near Yosemite Valley as possible. According to individuals who have stayed at Yosemite View Lodge, many individuals share stories of shadow silhouettes by the beds and strange paranormal interactions.

Yosemite National Park covers 759,620 acres and spans 4 California counties. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984 and is full of granite cliffs, giant redwood groves, crystal clear lakes and streams, and stormy waterfalls from the mountains.

Although the history of European settlers in Yosemite dates back to 1851, when it was “found” by James D. Savage, Native American history within the valley dates back almost 4,000 years. As for human presence, perhaps as much as 10,000 years. And from the looks of it, it appears to be considered one of the more haunted national parks within the US.

Yosemite View Lodge is situated on the banks of the Merced River in El Portal, California and is the last stop before the wilderness of Yosemite National Park.

Merced River: It flows through the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the central a part of the state. It originates within the Sierra Nevada and runs for about 145 miles (233 km) before reaching the San Joaquin River. It is known for its scenic beauty passing through Yosemite National Park, where it forms iconic features akin to Yosemite Valley and Yosemite Falls. Could this even be the source of a number of the ghost stories told within the National Park?

At first glance, Yosemite View Lodge exudes a country serenity. However, beneath the façade of a quiet neighborhood lies a tapestry of spooky stories, disturbing apparitions and mysterious events that make visitors leave reviews online that it’s a ravishing, pretty, but haunted place.

People of the Shadow of the North

Many reports of haunting rumors at Yosemite View Lodge involve apparitions that could possibly be described as some variety of Shadow People. These specters, elusive and mysterious, often appear in guest rooms, catching unaware guests.

These apparitions often disappear when guests appear to look more closely on the item. One chilling account tells of three friends who, unaware of the hotel's haunted fame, were visited by a dark figure by the fireside. Other people discuss what they think is their family, but notice that there’s a further character within the room. It is even said that they packed their things and left due to these experiences.

What could or not it’s? Is it possible that the old quarters and the strangeness of staying in a hotel are playing tricks on people? Could it have something to do with weary travelers experiencing nightmares of their dreams? Or perhaps this phenomenon can actually be attributed to ghosts?

The presence of river people

One guest, accompanied by a friend, witnessed an otherworldly encounter on the second night of their stay at Yosemite View Lodge. Startled, they woke as much as see the shadowy silhouette of a featureless figure standing next to their bed – a specter about five feet tall.

Shadow People: What's happening at Yosemite View Lodge? Several guests told stories of seeing figures and shadows of their rooms.

The terrified guest called his traveling companion and coined the term “river people”, attempting to fathom the origins of the phenomenon and wondering whether it was related to the traditional spirits of the nearby Merced River. While the hotel doesn't have much of a spooky history attached to it, the encompassing area actually does.

The guest, a self-proclaimed clairvoyant, delved into the phenomenon and discovered that others had encountered similar river-dwelling spirits.

The Masked Child

Another strange story coming from the motel concerns an odd child who suddenly appeared. The author checked into the hotel to complete writing when she saw a toddler wearing an odd mask on the reception. The little girl stood together with her family, who were also checking her animal mask. Even though she thought the newborn looked terrifying, she didn't think much of it.

Then she saw the kid again sitting on the table together with her parents as the author got here down for breakfast. The girl turned to her as if she knew she would enter the dining room.

When the author saw the little girl again, she woke up after writing the book and saw the kid standing in her room, watching her. She was sure she had closed the door, but when asked if the kid had lost his way and needed help finding a room, the kid just slowly shook his head and walked away.

The last time the author saw the kid was after a shower, when the kid was standing in the lavatory. This caused the author to storm the party and demand that the parents control their child. The reception called the hall, and horror and confusion followed. They had no child.

Haunted cabin overlooking Yosemite

As the Merced River silently flows past, Yosemite View Lodge stays a quiet testament to the ethereal mysteries dancing on the sides of perception. What could these alleged shadows and strange guest interactions be?

Within its partitions, the whispers of the River People and the elusive shadows of the night converge to create a haunting story that lingers long after Merced's echoes fade into the twilight of Yosemite.


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Yosemite View Lodge ~ El Portal (just before entering Yosemite)

A supernatural child checks into the Yosemite View Lodge in El Portal

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