Strangled by evil

Strangled by evil
7 June 2024 J.W.H

AND I have many ghost stories and will post them here separately. However, this is the most “impressive”…

One night when I woke up, I realized I couldn't breathe. Now I have several cats (not most psychics?) and sometimes they lay on my face while I sleep… that's their habit. (As a wise person once told me – the one thing you should always remember about cats is that if they were bigger, they would eat you.) 🙂 So I assumed that was what was happening.

However, once I was fully awake, I realized that I couldn't move, and what's more, my pillow was covering my face. I was lying on my side and the pillow that held my head was folded up over my face. So once again I assumed the cat had just slipped in there, but… that wasn't it.

I started to panic because I couldn't move and I couldn't breathe either! Now – the pillow just wasn't covering my face – it was *pushed* into my face. I finally managed, using all my strength, to move my head back and forth a little.

After a few seconds, the pillow suddenly fell from my face, and right next to the bed stood the high, slim figure of “Death”, only all in white. Like a skeleton in a long, massive hooded robe that covered everything but his hands. Where the face would have been, there was just “ethereal” white.

In a split second the figure reached down, grabbed the bedspread and pulled it over my face, holding it tightly, trying to strangle me again! I thought, “This is going to kill me – I have to do something!” But again I couldn't move – I was paralyzed.

Then I remembered that I had been studying auras and realized – this was my only chance. Again, with all my strength, I visualized the energy field around me, and when it solidified, I pushed it as tough as I could towards the “thing” by my bed.

Suddenly the bedspread fell off my face (and almost off the bed) and I could see that “thing” being thrown back to where it came from! He just quickly flew back out of the bed, getting smaller and smaller until he disappeared.

When it disappeared I suddenly could move again so I immediately jumped out of bed, turned on all the lights and started screaming and crying… I was still terrified!

I couldn't stop screaming and crying about it for 2 days – it really felt like someone was just trying to kill me. I couldn't go to work… I couldn't do anything. It took me about a week before I could go back to my bedroom, and then about a month before I could fall asleep without ALL the lights on.

People who know this event ask me how I could still live there. I tell them – if something bad happens to you – it will find you wherever you are – moving won't change that.

This happened in April 2003.

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