What did it take from me?

What did it take from me?
3 June 2024 J.W.H

Okay, so last night I was at my brother's house because my mom had to work and she didn't want to leave me home alone, right? It was really tardy, I got tired and went to sleep in his friend Stephanie's room because she wasn't tired, and I kept waking up in the middle of the night because they would come there and then go back to sleep. At one point I also fell asleep on my back.

It was 6 or 7 a.m. and Stephanie and my cousin Sylbia were still up, watching Breaking Dawn in the living room. I was alone in the room because my brother was sleeping in his room. Suddenly I was dreaming, I don't know what happened before I started dreaming, in my head it's all a blank slate. I found myself in Stephanie's room, but I felt a great desire to escape from something. The next second, a black mass appeared right next to my face. Then I got really scared. Then my head slowly started moving to the left, but I didn't. Whatever it was, my face turned to the cross on Stephanie's dresser. Then I heard a strange, sucking sound and this terrifying, shadowy, male throat singing. He didn't let me move. It wouldn't let me scream. It didn't even let me breathe. And it pressed my face against the edge of the pillow, making me face towards the tiny of my back, as I said earlier.

It seemed like a long time before I could move again. It was a dream, but at the same time it wasn't a dream, because when I woke up, I ran out of Stephanie's room and told her what I saw. She said she saw two tiny red scratches on my face where I turned my head. And when I woke up, I was like that too. I didn't go to sleep after that.

I've heard of sleep paralysis, but it won't hurt you when it happens, right? I've also heard of Incubi and Succubi trying to rape people in their sleep and take their souls. But he didn't try to rape me. The strange thing is that my mother was away and she had dreams like this all the time. The next morning I told my dad and he said it could have been a succubus or an incubus. It seems because they become attached to the host. My mom was gone so it probably thought it could suck me dehydrated and get away with it. I don't think so. However, after this experience I felt that something was missing. Like it had taken something from me and I felt scared thinking about what it could have taken from me while I was helpless at the time. But I want what it took. And I'll stand up to anyone down there to get it.

Sylbia said something like this happened to her twice when she lived with my brother, both times while I was there. I also got really ailing a few hours after the incident. My mother said this was something that had been bothering her for a long time. I am the youngest in the family, I am 13 years elderly. My sister is 15, my brother is 25, and my other brother is 22. I am also the one who has the strongest sense of justice in the whole family. I will stop at nothing unless it is right, and I will regret it if it is wrong. Sylbia said she was probably trying to take my goodness away.

The reason this scares me so much is because of my birthday. And the fact that every time I look at my watch it's 11:00. 8:11.10:11.11:11. 11/11 happens to be my birthday. I looked it all up and it says something about angels and fate. I decided to follow this and my sense of justice and all that is perfect. No matter what, I try to do the right thing. I don't think I'm even alive now. My mom smoked when she was pregnant with me, she obviously didn't care because she knew she was pregnant, I was 3 months premature, weighed 1 pound and my lungs weren't developed. So I think I should do whatever comes my way, depending on what I do and what is right. And I know there are forces that will pull me away from this. If I even allow it. I'm not going to let that get to me. I have a strange desire to be a hero. I can't explain it, but I feel like this is what I should do. I hate when things like this happen to people. I can't let anything get in my way, and if whatever it was took away something I thought was significant, you can bet I want it back, and I don't like being played with, especially when it comes to demons . I want what he took from me, and I'll do almost anything to get it back, no matter the weight. It came from me, so it's mine and I'll probably need it for something. When I say this, I don't mean the organs either. Any thoughts on this before I do something stupid and provoke it?

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    Through guided meditation/s using hemi-sync technology he has managed to recollect 3 previous lives to his own, that go back to the Mid to Late 19th century.

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