The haunting of MG Road and the mystery of the Lady of the White Saree

The haunting of MG Road and the mystery of the Lady of the White Saree
2 June 2024 J.W.H

Along a sketchy part of MG Road in Gurugram, India, the ghost of a woman in a white sari is said to haunt the place, chasing cars after she tragically dies in an accident.

Legend has it that the ghostly presence of a woman dressed in a white sari stalks MG Road in Gurgaon, or Gurugram as it is officially called in the northern Indian state of Haryana, bordering New Delhi. Who the ghost of the woman in the white sari is and when she died has not been confirmed, there are only rumors and stories.

MG Road (Mehrauli-Gurugram Road) is one of the oldest routes in the capital, 2.5 km long, known for its numerous shopping malls and pubs along the way, as well as its high crime rate. It used to be a safer suburban district, but according to residents, something began to change in the early 21st century.

Lady in white sari on MG Road

It was around this time that we heard a ghost story about a woman in a white sari haunting MG Road, according to people driving on that stretch of road in the middle of the night.

According to local lore, the woman met her untimely death in a harrowing accident on the busy road from Gurgaon to Mehrauli, and her spirit was forever linked to the place where her earthly journey ended and now haunts her forever.

Those who claim to have seen her claim that her eyes are protruding from her face, as well as her tongue, which is said to be as long as her forearm. She chases after cars passing through her neighborhood, although it is not mentioned what will happen if she ever catches up to you.


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