'This technology doesn't belong to us,' says pilot who saw UAP traveling at 30,000 miles per hour

'This technology doesn't belong to us,' says pilot who saw UAP traveling at 30,000 miles per hour
28 April 2024 J.W.H

Christiaan Van Heijst, a recent 747 cargo veteran with a passion for photography common his experiences with podcaster Chris Lehto, revealing 4 puzzling UFO sightings. Among them, the “hypersonic” UAP stands out.

Van Heijst, who had spent countless hours traveling the world's airways, initially rationalized these observations as secret tests of advanced USAF technology. However, recent undisclosed developments have caused him to reconsider the problem.

What are these mysterious objects and where do they arrive from?

Christiaan van Heijst

Christiaan said: “I saw four things that I still can't explain. For a long time I just ignored it, saying it must be something military, because especially with commercial pilots, if we see something we can't identify, that's just the right answer; “It's something of a military nature.”

“It was only after watching interviews with Commander David Fravor and Lt. Ryan Graves, where they discussed their observations and explained things that many Navy pilots had seen, that I realized that they were describing things that I had also seen.

“If the Navy pilots concluded it wasn't theirs, I would be forced to re-evaluate my own observations.”

Christiaan witnessed his first UAP while still training as an airline pilot – but what he saw also baffled his experienced instructor.

“Suddenly I saw on the left side, in front of the plane, a bright light falling vertically down and disappearing into the layer of clouds below,” Christiaan explained.

“It actually illuminated the cloud layer as well as it fell, and I remember my instructor captain saying, 'Wow, what was that?' and I thought, “You're an instructor and you should know what's going on there!”

He believed the glowing ball could have been an example of ball lightning – a rare and still unexplained weather phenomenon – but conditions were unsuitable for any type of lightning at the time.

“I am convinced it was not a meteor,” he added. “I have seen literally thousands of meteors – they always entered the Earth's atmosphere at a certain angle and burned up in the atmosphere, leaving a plume of smoke. In this case, it was bright light moving vertically down at a constant, incredible speed, leaving no trace or changing intensity. “As is often the case with meteors, their intensity changes as they burn.”

He saw a second, similar object just a few years later, when he was the co-pilot of a Boeing 737 during a flight between Greece and the Netherlands. Christiaan and the plane's captain thought the item, traveling at about 30,000 miles per hour, might need been a missile, but Greek air traffic control assured him there had been no similar activity in the world.

Perhaps Christiaan's most unusual sighting was also within the sky over Greece in September 2005. “We had just landed on one of the small islands with a small airstrip, it was the middle of the night, there was no moon, it was just a beautiful starry night. You could see all the stars, thousands of them.

“My captain and I saw at the same time a very bright light appear in the sky in front of us, really very far away, very high up, and it almost looked like the planet Venus.”

Venus shining brightly in the night sky has been proposed as an explanation for many UFO sightings, but there was something unusual about this particular sighting. Christiaan continued: “This light suddenly appeared, disappeared and reappeared. It made a stuttering motion, and the fourth time it reappeared, it just fired immediately. There was no acceleration, it was instantaneous speed… hypersonic… and it just disappeared into the stars.

Whatever Christiaan saw, he is sure it was not a natural phenomenon. He added: “For us commercial pilots, our answer is simple: it must be something military because that same night a huge portion of the airspace south of Greece was closed because the USS Theodore Roosevelt and a few cruisers or whatever were passing south of Greece on its way to the Persian Gulf.

“We knew this because the airspace was closed and we were informed about these types of closures before the flight, so the moment we saw the light flashing and making strange movements, we thought it was probably related to the carrier passing through.”

To this day, Christiaan has “no idea” what the item could have been. The only thing he could say for sure was that it wasn't a satellite. “As pilots, we see satellites all the time, we see the ISS, we see lots of things in the night sky, but this was just weird,” he explained.

“I've never seen anything like easy speed when he shot. I assumed, “Wow, what the hell is that this?”

An avid photographer, Christiaan managed to capture one of his observations on camera. It was on a flight to Malaga, on the southern tip of Spain, when Christiaana's captain noticed an unusual “Tic Tac”-shaped object right in front of them.

Whatever it was, it was not detected in any of the plane's systems, leaving Spanish air traffic controllers also baffled and eventually handing Christiaan over to military air traffic controllers to investigate the sighting.

“There was no military traffic, no business traffic ahead of us, no weather balloons, nothing – just absolutely nothing that he could discover.”

The mysterious object appeared to shadow Christiaan's plane for about an hour: “It gave the look of something that, if not actually chasing us, was a minimum of following us – but it surely might have been a fully massive object that was stationary and hovering over Africa somewhere.” .

Image Source: Pixabay.com

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