The pilot saw an enormous object 350 feet in diameter

The pilot saw an enormous object 350 feet in diameter
13 March 2024 J.W.H

UFOs became loud again after the passage of the UAP Disclosure Act of 2023 (UAP is an abbreviation for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena).

The bill requires government agencies to show over all UFO-related data, including any samples and technology that will have been recovered, inside 300 days.

The US president can delay the discharge of certain documents if disclosure poses a risk to national security.

In addition to passing this landmark act, U.S. intelligence officials admitted that that they had recovered ships of “non-human” origin and in addition revealed that that they had special teams recovering damaged – and even intact – UFOs. Netflix series.

The peninsula has been the location of spectacular and intriguing UFO activity for many years, and now that U.S. laws has given the “flying saucer” phenomenon its stamp of authenticity, it’ll now be harder for people (often mistakenly called “experts”) to elucidate away encounters with strange craft that will be seen on our heaven and on earth.

An example that involves mind is a lightweight aircraft pilot who was flying his Cessna over West Kirby in June 2016 at an altitude of roughly 580 meters and a speed of 105 knots when the aircraft began to shake and the cockpit instruments behaved strangely.

The pilot then saw an enormous circular craft that he estimated to be about 350 feet in diameter, and underneath this giant UFO was an Airbus 320 within the white and orange colours of what looked like an easyJet airliner.

The UFO was roughly 50 feet above the jet and the pilot noticed that the plane's wheels were down. What didn't make sense was the trajectory the plane was on – it was flying south across the River Dee towards Flint at a really steep angle.

The pilot flew his Cessna out of the trail of the UFO and the airliner, which he suspected the UFO had in some way “intercepted” – as if by some magnetic force.

The pilot intended to follow the plane and radio his statement of the strange spectacle to air traffic controllers on the airport. John Lennon when something unusual happened.

The colossal UFO appeared to shrink, turning a ghostly pale color, and the plane suspended beneath it did the identical.

There was a flash of sunshine and each the UFO and the plane disappeared from the sky.

The instruments within the Cessna's cockpit then returned to some normality. The pilot decided to not transmit any reports over the radio, fearing ridicule and possible significant damage to his excellent status.

Although the pilot didn’t tell anyone concerning the encounter – not even his wife – the day after the incident, he was telephoned at his home in Heswall by an articulate man claiming to be an MI5 intelligence officer.

He gave the name William Valley and warned the pilot that the “large ship” he had seen was a secret Ministry of Defense project and was conducting tests to see if it could incapacitate an airliner. – How do you understand what I saw? the pilot asked, “I never reported anything; who are you?'

Mr. Valley spoke to the pilot and warned: “If you decide to tell anyone what you witnessed, they will never see or hear from you again.”

The pilot was undeterred, made inquiries and told as many people as possible about the close encounter, after which he received a call from what he believed was an MI5 spokesman and apologized for Mr Valley's “inappropriate attitude”.

The spokesman then said: 'What you saw was in fact an Airbus 319 performing maneuvers over Wirral – the pilot was taking part in training exercises at John Paul II Airport. John Lennon and I even have proof of it – EZY9090 – so I hope that clears things up.

“A lot of people called the airport because they also saw jets circling over Wirral all day.”

“It's absolute [expletive deleted]!” a lightweight aircraft pilot told the “spokesperson”: “I saw something that was not made on this earth and it was not a passenger jet. Can I have your name and number?”

Then the spokesman's voice modified tone and suddenly became familiar – it gave the impression of Mr. Valley's voice again. “I have explained what you saw, now I hope, for your sake, that you will drop this absurd UFO claim.”

“Is that you just again, huh? Mr. Valley, right? Who the hell are you?” the pilot asked and the line went dead. The pilot entered a code to get the caller's number, but the automatic answer informed him that the number was withheld from the caller.

The reference number the man gave the pilot was checked and referred to a flight number that had taken place a month before the UFO encounter. William Valley was never heard from again – a name that no one could track down as the pilot contacted various defense and aerospace departments.

It is possible that Mr. Valley was one of the so-called “men in black” – suspicious individuals who, since the early 1950s, showed up at the homes of UFO witnesses and often posed as government officials.

They always abused and threatened witnesses to deter them from reporting their experiences, often posing as Air Force and intelligence officials, but no one was able to track down the determined fraudsters, and even the license plates of the cars they boarded turned out to be fake .

Did a UFO hijack a passenger plane?

None of them were ever reported missing, so it is possible that the hijacking took place for a short time and then perhaps the jet was put back on course and the minds of the crew and passengers were wiped clean so that they were unaware of what had happened – or perhaps the jet the pilot saw was an advanced craft masquerading as one of our airliners – we can only speculate.

The light aircraft pilot's mental health suffered greatly after this strange experience, he became paranoid and eventually gave up flying altogether.

People said he saw things, but hopefully with the UAP Disclosure Act we might start to learn the truth about mysterious UFOs.

Author: Tomek Slemen, a writer from Liverpool, best known as the author of the best-selling Haunted Liverpool series of books documenting paranormal phenomena and unsolved or unusual crimes. Check out his books Amazon here.

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