The Night Spook

The Night Spook
19 June 2024 J.W.H

ABOUTOne night, after a long day at school, I decided to go to bed early because I had a terrible headache. There is a forest behind my yard and sometimes I feel like someone is watching me, but that night it was worse so I looked around and saw shadows moving. I decided to ignore it and went to sleep. As I fell asleep, I started dreaming that a guy was chasing me in the woods. After running for a while, I turned to see if he was still there, but I didn't see him, so I stopped, turned around, and he grabbed my wrists very tightly. I felt so real, like I wasn't in a dream. I woke up and to my horror I saw that both my wrists were bruised in the shape of my fingers. I still flinch when someone grabs my wrists.

  • J.W.H

    About John:

    John Williams is a Reincarnationist paranormal Intuitive freelance writer...he is living proof of reincarnation existence, through his personal exploration, he has confirmed its authenticity through visits to the very lands where these events transpired.

    Through guided meditation/s using hemi-sync technology he has managed to recollect 3 previous lives to his own, that go back to the Mid to Late 19th century.

    JWH - "You are the GODS! - Inclusion of the Eternal Light of Love and you shall never die”.

    “Death is Just the Beginning of Life”