A haunting tale of the mermaid's curse at Newhall House and Lake Killone

A haunting tale of the mermaid's curse at Newhall House and Lake Killone
19 June 2024 J.W.H

A mermaid's curse is placed on Newhall House after they murder her after she steals their wine. Now the water of Lake Killone turns scarlet every 40 years to remind us all of this.

On the edge of the picturesque Lake Killone, on the Newhall Estate near Ennis, Co. Clare, stand the haunted ruins of Killone Abbey. Founded in 1180 by Donal Mor O'Brien, King of Munster, this antique abbey was once the seat of Augustinian nuns dedicated to Saint. John the Baptist.

However, over the centuries, its halls fell noiseless and in the turbulent 17th century it was abandoned. At the end of the 18th century, Newhall House was built on the estate, incorporating the ruins of the abbey.

Many things were said about this area, and in the cemetery in County Clare there was talk about body lights, or so-called will of the flames floating in the cemetery and near the ruins of the abbey.

However, the most commonly told legend associated with Lake Killone and the Newhall House is the story of a visitation by a mermaid who placed a curse on the lake.

Wine stolen from the crypt at Newhall House

During this period, the crypt of Killone Abbey was adapted to store a valuable treasure – the fine wine of the O'Brian family, who resided at Newhall House near the lake.

The locals told him many stories about the mermaid that lived in the lake. Dressed in a green cloak, she sat on a rock and combed her long black hair. O'Brian laughed about it and didn't care about the local superstitions and destitute people who lived around him. He only cared about his wealth, his sport and good wine.

The Mermaid Thief of Lake Killone

An alert servant entrusted with the task of protecting this valuable wine store in the cellar made a disturbing discovery: the wine began to mysteriously disappear, bottle by bottle. Determined to solve the perplexing mystery, he stood guard over the crypt, clutching his knife as he waited for the thief to arrive.

Killone Abbey Crypt: Underneath the ruins of the abbey, a crypt was used to store wine.

As the veil of darkness fell over Lake Killone, the hidden vault intruder revealed himself and the maid's eyes widened in disbelief. Before him stood none other than the elusive Lake Killone mermaid.

Enraged by the audacious theft, the servant launched a frenzied attack on the mermaid, stabbing her repeatedly. It is sometimes said that O'Brian himself killed her. With each piercing blow, her life force diminished and she tried to escape his vengeful wrath. Bleeding and weakened, the mermaid dragged herself towards the water's edge, where she eventually ran out of strength and died from her injuries.

Crimson Waters: Mark of the Curse

As the mermaid's life faded, her blood mixed with the tranquil waters of Lake Killone, turning its tranquil surface a ghostly shade of crimson. This macabre spectacle took place in the obsidian cover of night, recording the incredible transformation of the lake in the annals of local legend.

However, before she died, she cursed her family:

Lake Killone: There are reports of strange lights in the cemetery, and a mermaid is haunting the lake. //Wikimedia

Filedhan Bradran on stream,
Body without blood,
That these were the circumstances of Brian's sperm,
Red deer from Killeón.

When the salmon returned from the stream,
Return without blood and flesh,
Let this be the departure of the O'Briens,
Like ears of wild corn from Killeoin

The Mermaid's Curse: A Chilling Legacy

The mermaid's legacy lives on today, casting a disturbing shadow over Lake Killone. It was prophesied that once every forty years or after the ownership of the Newhall estate changed hands, the waters of the lake would mysteriously turn scarlet again.

The legend of the mermaid has been told many times and turned into songs and stories, e.g The Ballad of Killone. There are also many versions of this legend. Some say that O'Brian actually took her because he thought she was pretty and kept her in prison because she didn't want to talk or be with him. To make her speak, they poured boiling water over her and she screamed her curse.

Whether the phenomenon is the result of iron shale or the lingering curse of a vengeful siren, the ruins of Killone Abbey and the enigmatic lake invite brave souls to discover its secrets and bear witness to the incredible tale that has haunted this land for centuries.


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