The Duke of Navarre visiting the Visitation of Olite in Pamplona

The Duke of Navarre visiting the Visitation of Olite in Pamplona
13 March 2024 J.W.H

In the previous Kingdom of Navarre in Spain, there may be an ancient castle that is alleged to be haunted. There is alleged to be a portrait of the prince within the Parador de Olite in Pamplona which is alleged to be haunted. But that is definitely not the one ghost that is alleged to haunt the hotel's rooms.

Spain is a rustic steeped in history and mystery. What higher solution to experience this than staying in a haunted hotel? If you're a fan of the supernatural, you should definitely take a look at these haunted hotels in Spain. Not only do they provide comfortable accommodations and great amenities, but in addition they have a bonus: ghosts!

The haunted hotel is housed in a former castle near Pamplona and goals to meet Navarre's medieval fantasy for many who need to stay in something truly old and spectacular.

Part of a haunted chain of historic hotels

This former castle is now a part of the National Parador hotel chain, which takes monuments and transforms them into hotels where you possibly can stay and learn in regards to the wealthy history of the constructing. Spain is known for its stunning landscapes, wealthy history and unique cultural heritage. Among the numerous treasures this country hides, Parador hotels stand out as true gems.

These hotels are sometimes positioned in historic buildings corresponding to castles, monasteries and palaces, offering visitors the possibility to experience the past in a really immersive way.

The rise and fall of the Kingdom of Navarre

The hotel is positioned within the small town of Olite, in the previous castle of the kings of Navarre from the late Middle Ages. It was the seat of the dominion from the reign of Charles III the Noble from 1387 until the conquest by Castile in 1512.

The Kingdom of Navarre was a disputed Basque kingdom on either side of the Western Pyrenees, between present-day Spain and France.

After the Kingdom was incorporated into Castile, the palace began to deteriorate and was neglected for years. There have been several devastating fires over time which have destroyed a few of the towers and their interiors.

It was only in 1937 that the castle began to be restored to its former glory. Although there are documents showing what the castle once looked like, it appears that evidently a part of the castle's wealthy history has been irretrievably lost.

The prince's ghost within the portrait

Inside the constructing there may be a portrait of the prince, and apparently the sunshine bulb above it stays on on a regular basis, even when the lights in the remaining of the castle are turned off. This is a portrait of Carlos de Viana, who is alleged to be one among the ghosts haunting this place.

The alleged portrait of the prince hangs within the fundamental hall of the Parador. His face looks tortured and shows the inner turmoil that accompanied him when he was sent into exile by his father.

Prince Carlos was the Prince of Navarre who lived within the castle from 1421 to 1461. He was a person of culture, loved music and literature, translated Aristotle into Aragonese and wrote the chronicles of the kings of Navarre himself.

Due to his interests, he often got here into conflict together with his father, John II of Aragon. They were also political enemies, and in 1451 a civil war broke out between father and son over disputes over who was the rightful heir to the throne, as his father had remarried and favored his stepson to take the throne. The son lost the war, but it surely ended with reconciliation and the appointment of Charles as heir to the Kingdom of Navarre.

Although every thing appeared to end peacefully, Carlos died shortly afterwards in Barcelona and lots of believed that his father's henchmen and even his stepmother had poisoned him. It can also be possible that he died of tuberculosis, as he was often called a sickly man and susceptible to depression

Other ghosts of Parador de Olite

There can also be a wing within the castle that is alleged to be haunted by a wierd melody. It is alleged that sad laments and old melodies may be heard from the ghosts of the castle, still wandering across the castle. You can especially hear it on the towers.

Many consider that it’s the nobleman Carlos III within the afterlife who walks across the castle together with his favorite lion named Marzot. He was the grandfather of the prince within the portrait, and in some ways he was similar when it comes to their peculiarities.

It was under his rule that Olite entered its golden age as a city, after they built their castle here and sat there as rulers, when he built the so-called New Palace. This recent royal seat was built on top of Roman fortifications and the Old Palace from the twelfth century.

The ghost and strange music from the king's times will also be seen and heard within the Galeria del Rey and the Golden Gallery. It is a gallery positioned next to the king's chamber, overlooking the courtyard of the Patio de las Mereras surrounded by Gothic tracery.
The strange music that was sometimes heard was copper sheets hanging from chains from the ceiling and vibrating within the wind.

Dona Blanca castle

It can also be said that this former castle is home to the ghost of the Women in White, who is alleged to haunt the Parador de Olite, appearing within the windows.

In 1866, Gustavo Adolfo Becquer visited the castle and saw what he believed to be a ghost. In one among the Gothic windows of the palace he saw a white figure, which he guessed was Doña Leonor de Trastámara haunting the place.


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