How Bigfoots are described by individuals who have met them in real life

How Bigfoots are described by individuals who have met them in real life
13 March 2024 J.W.H

Delving into the mysterious realm of cryptozoology, we present an intriguing interview with James Hughes, a reputable witness to an astonishing Bigfoot encounter near Granton, Wisconsin.

This conversation, initiated by a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story and continued by radio reporter Keith Edwards, sheds light on an enchanting event that occurred on Tuesday, March 28, 2000.

Bigfoot Witness Interview by Richard D. Hendricks

As a continuation of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story, I spoke with the primary radio news reporter, Keith Edwards. He assured me that Mr. Hughes was a reputable witness and seemed genuinely scared by the Bigfoot encounter.

Later that evening, around 8 p.m., I called to confer with James Hughes about his bigfoot sighting on Tuesday, March 28, near Granton, Wisconsin. We talked for about ten minutes.

Loren Coleman previously spread this story across the Internet. Coleman mentioned that the Bigfoot on this story appeared like the Marked Hominid he described in The Field Guide to Bigfoot, Yeti, and Other Mystery Primates Worldwide.

By re-reading this description and the descriptions of reported creatures included on this classification, I developed inquiries to elicit details based on these characteristics.

Additionally, because the creature was seen carrying a goat, Coleman stated that it reminded him of the 1972 Momo sighting. During this sighting, a shaggy bigfoot was seen carrying a dog under its arm near the town of Lousiana, Missouri. As it turned out, this was a really prophetic remark.


Hughes was driving on the left side of the road, traveling at roughly 25-30 miles per hour, delivering the Black River Shopper to rural mailboxes. He saw something standing within the south ditch on the alternative side of the road, to the correct.

At first he thought it was a person, but as he got closer he realized it was much larger than a person, standing about 7 feet tall and weighing (by his estimate) 500 kilos.

He described the creature as having dark gray hair six to eight inches long, uniform in length throughout its body. Some of the hair was “shaggy,” “clunky and tangled,” and definitely didn't look well-groomed. Hughes noticed several lighter spots that he described as honey-colored.

The largest one, and the one he had the very best view of, was on the left side of the creature. It was in regards to the size of a magazine. The head was “over a foot wide… all hair.”

Hughes saw two spots where his eyes must have been, but he couldn’t distinguish the form, size or color, only that the 2 spots were different colours. He assumed the spots were eyes. He couldn't make out facial expression. To my query, he replied that this creature had no mane and all its hair was the identical shaggy length.

Dawn had just broken. This happened just just a few days before daylight saving time, and Hughes said he got here across the creature around 5:15 a.m. Hughes didn't take a look at it for long due to suddenness of the event, so he wasn't in a position to describe anything beyond the final features. But then he saw way more than most witnesses.

I asked in regards to the length of the arms, but Hughes wasn't in a position to get a very good look. He only said that the arms were long, but he couldn't say whether or not they reached below the knees or above.

I asked about his general body construct. Was he more wrestler-like, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, or more barrel-chested and no waist? He just laughed, saying he was big and looked more like a “miniature King Kong.”

Hughes could never see beyond his back and left side and was unable to find out whether he had a distended abdomen. In the few seconds it took him to comprehend it wasn't a person, he felt the primary twinge of fear. Then the creature checked out him.

“What the hell, that damn thing is looking right at me!” He said he knew he can be across the road “in two steps” and “could easily flip his car.” With that, he “stepped on the carburetor” and drove away.

The creature carried something in its right hand that hung at its side. Hughes said it “was about the size of a goat.” After occupied with the event for just a few days, he isn’t any longer sure if it was actually a goat as the primary story suggested.

He couldn't say whether it was “a goat, a roadkill, or something,” but only that “it was about the size of a goat.” When you think that of Momo, the shaggy, dog-killing terror of Louisiana, Missouri, you wonder if it was a dog…

Hughes said the creature checked out him. I asked him to explain it. He said he was coming from behind the creature. The creature had its back to him, in the alternative ditch. As he approached, the beast “very slowly turned its head” to take a look at him, as if asking, “Who the hell are you?” Hughes reiterated this point. His head didn't turn quickly, as if surprised. Watching him was a really slow step, a challenge.

I asked Hughes if he felt anything or if he thought the creature was trying to speak with him not directly. Hughes said he felt nothing but fear, “stepping on the carburetor” and “ripping home as fast as I could.” He kept repeating this too, about fear and about returning home as soon as possible.

He described the country as gently rolling hills. He wasn't sure in regards to the area on the north side (his side) of the road, but from his description I assume it was a rolling pasture. On the south side of the road there was a plowed field.

When Hughes returned with the deputy, they were unable to search out any tracks, nor did they find any tracks within the adjoining, packed field from last 12 months's hay cutting. The nearest forest was about 75 yards beyond a soft, plowed field; Hughes said he was told there was an enormous swamp behind him.

A take a look at the atlas shows that a big oil and high-voltage transmission line runs north of the viewing area. A big radio tower is marked nearby. Two named Indian mound groups mislead the northwest and southwest. And after all, Panther Creek crosses the road near where Hughes saw the creature.

Hughes had no other people or animals within the vehicle. He snorted once I asked if he was afraid to return to the world.

He is bored with answering questions from all of the reporters, radio and tv stations around the globe and says he’s “sick of telling the same story.” He was reluctant to confer with me only once I told him that I used to be not a reporter but a serious researcher.

He said that already, even in such a short while, all varieties of people were driving along the road on the lookout for this creature. One woman even got here from Minnesota and brought “specially trained dogs” to smell out Bigfoot, but all she smelled were other people “digging” within the dirt along the road.

Bigfoot in the forest

Hughes said nobody else got here forward with other stories. He laughed once I asked about it, implying that they might need to be crazy to inform their story now. In part, he hinted that he regretted not saying anything due to media circus it created. I cut the interview short because I knew I used to be testing his patience.

(The radio station's Edwards said the one reported sighting that listeners called in was a 1997 Bigfoot sighting near Rice Lake).

Hughes had heard of Bigfoot and Sasquatch before he saw one, but at all times dismissed them as stories or legends. But “now he believes in them.”

An interesting aspect is that the whole body is roofed with six to eight inches of hair and the dearth of distinguishable facial expression. This matches the outline of the 1972 Momo Bigfoot and the 1965 creature that attacked Christine Van Acker near Monroe, Michigan.

Loren Coleman says the creatures are also known as “eastern bigfoot,” which could be very different from the sasquatch that inhabits the Pacific Northwest.

Richard D. Hendricks, source: Weird Wisconsin

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