Terrassa's Haunted Chest Hospital

Terrassa's Haunted Chest Hospital
15 April 2024 J.W.H

An old respiratory hospital in Spain is alleged to be haunted by patients who died slowly and painfully. Hospital del Tórax de Terassa has been abandoned, but persons are still discovering strange and disturbing things that perhaps must be left in the dead of night.

This eerie hospital is alleged to be home to a ghost that has been lurking in its halls for years. People have reported strange occurrences and unexplainable sightings that suggest this hospital is indeed haunted.

A hospital said to be haunted is the Hospital del Tórax de Terassa in Catalonia, Spain, which opened in 1952, closed in 1997, and was abandoned for years until 2004, when the town decided to shut to rebuild the constructing right into a residential wing. as a location for filming horror movies.

La Pineda Forest Recovery Center

The hospital was once a hospital specializing within the treatment of respiratory diseases for Catalan patients, comparable to lung cancer, fibrosis and the dreaded tuberculosis, and when it opened it became the biggest hospital in Europe treating tuberculosis. And even when the disease were to be virtually eradicated, there have been still quite a number of cases of white plague in Spain within the Nineteen Fifties.

Abandoned constructing: Haunted Terassa Chest Hospital or Sanatori de Terrassa is haunted by patients who jumped to their deaths. //Source: Henry/wikimedia

The patients were in deep pain, suffering a really slow and painful death as they tried to get well within the open air of the La Pineda forest near Barcelona, ​​in an area generally known as Plain of Good Air. The city of Tarrasa was also the town with the bottom incidence of tuberculosis in Catalonia.

Hospital del Tórax de Terassa was primarily a convalescence center, and the climate there was a perfect setting for the 18-month recovery process from tuberculosis. The terraces on each floor were perfect for patients to sit down outside and breathe within the fresh air this place had to supply.

Although the Hospital del Tórax de Terassa was positioned in a brand new location, it was an abandoned place removed from the town, and patients needed to be separated from their family members for months.

The Nineteen Fifties hospital had about 1,500 rooms that separated the lower and upper classes. In 1970, when the variety of tuberculosis patients was slowly decreasing, the ability was become a general hospital.

Using Terassa Chest Hospital

Sanatorium is an old name for specialised hospitals that were created with specific ailments in mind. They were often in-built the countryside, with loads of fresh air, in a healthy climate, isolated from the surface world. Sanatoriums throughout Europe and America were extremely popular for treating tuberculosis until the invention of antibiotics.

However, it could even be a spot where people can get well from conditions comparable to alcoholism, nervous diseases comparable to hysteria or emotional exhaustion. As medicine progressed, the variety of sanatoriums declined, and plenty of were often abandoned within the mid-Twentieth century and have since gained a fame for being haunted.

Nurses caring for patients

The workload for the staff at Hospital del Tórax de Terassa will need to have been overwhelming, with greater than 1,000 patients, who at times needed constant care, cared for by roughly 50 nurses and sisters day by day.

The caretakers and nurses on the hospital were a community of 25 Carmelite sisters who joined the hospital in 1954. Sisters often took care of hospitals, sanatoriums, orphanages and the like in Catholic countries comparable to Spain, especially previously.

However, the nuns left the hospital 20 years later because of poor management of the hospital by its owners. Instead, they recruited inexperienced students from nursing school, which regularly required far more of them than they may offer when it comes to qualifications to treat tuberculosis.

Many deaths in “The Jungle”

For years, Hospital del Tórax de Terassa has had the very best suicide rate in Spain. During every week when things were really bad, 21 people admitted to hospital took their very own lives.

The reasons were various. Some people were simply in a lot pain that they couldn't bear it anymore. Some did a whole lot of drugs or had some form of psychosis. Some simply became clinically depressed because of the long steer clear of anything, as patients were completely isolated from the world and the one type of contact was by telephone and radio.

It is also since the family simply abandoned them there and once they were released, that they had nowhere to go. Some knew they might never recover and selected to slowly languish in a hospital bed.

Legend has it that patients jumped from the ninth floor into the garden. This garden received a nickname Jungle because of the terrible screams that may very well be heard before one other body hit the bottom.

Jungle It is alleged to be a spot haunted by former patients of the Hospital del Tórax de Terassa, who still jumped to their death. According to legend, their last screams brought on by the autumn can still be heard, or the heartbreaking moans and pain of those that didn’t die immediately because of this of the autumn.

Dark magic performed within the chapel

The ninth floor and the garden outside should not the one places where ghosts haunt the previous sanatorium. According to investigators, they found strange paranormal activity within the old chapel.

According to some legends, dark magic worked contained in the chapel, brought on by people working there and a few patients. Some say it was even a site of Satanic rituals, which many abandoned buildings are accused of being.

Although whether that is true or not has never really been discovered.

Fetus in a jar and other strange things left behind

Not only do ghosts scare people in the previous hospital, but it is usually a spot that serves those that are searching for the proper place to film a horror movie, as the situation is currently used because the Audiovisual Park of Catalonia.

There are also terrifying stays from when it was used as a hospital. In 2004, police arrested a young man who was present in hospital with something terrible on his person. He had the fetus sealed in a jar stuffed with formaldehyde, which he claimed to have found on the fifth floor.

Where the fetus got here from, why it was on the fifth floor of the Hospital del Tórax de Terassa and for what purpose – nobody knows.


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