Case of a UFO mothership landing in Heswall, England

Case of a UFO mothership landing in Heswall, England
16 April 2024 J.W.H

For many years, serious UFO investigators have needed to contend with a form of cosmic Watergate.

The RAF, the US Air Force, NASA, the Pentagon, the UK Ministry of Defense and lots of intelligence services, each within the West and behind the Iron Curtain, have undertaken a cover-up on an enormous scale to forestall the general public from learning the strange reality of the mysterious ship that haunts our skies and our lands from the start of written records.

Last 12 months within the United States, the House of Representatives convened a panel on UFOs – which they called UAP – Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon – which was a pointless “rebranding” of the familiar acronym UFO.

Nevertheless, during a landmark hearing into alleged sightings and encounters with strange craft of unknown origin, respected, expert pilots and other military personnel recounted encounters with an odd “tic-tac”-shaped craft that would one way or the other defy the laws of physics with their twists and turns at right angles and with phenomenal speed jumps that allow the ship to overtake our ground-based fighters.

There have also been highly controversial claims by a former Air Force intelligence officer that government officials were hiding some shocking things from the general public; there are crashed UFOs hidden in secret bases – and “non-human biological substances” – the military term for foreign bodies recovered from downed UFOs. Some say the bodies are somewhat humanoid, however the anatomy is more insect-like.

There are still claims that the military doesn’t know where these ships got here from; they might come from other worlds in space or other dimensions.

I wouldn't be surprised if we made contact with one in every of these “extraterrestrial” races within the near future; I even have the impression that the authorities are letting the reality in regards to the mysterious guests leak out, so making contact won't be that big of a shock.

Maria, a 75-year-old woman who has lived all her life in Heswall, Merseyside, England, tells me that in August 1997 she and her husband Phil visited a phenomenal sandstone outcrop on Thurstaston Hill to admire the panoramic view.

During their visit, they and two other couples saw an enormous silver disk-shaped ship drop out of the blue sky from the north and fly along the River Dee until it got here to a stop.

Maria's husband, Phil, who worked for Lockheed Martin, estimated that the ship will need to have been about 400 meters long.

It hung about 90 meters from the banks of the River Dee, near Caldy Beach.

Since it was a sunny day, the saucer-shaped ship reflected the sun with its mirror-like surface.

One of the couples who saw the enormous UFO took photos of the craft because they each had cameras, but Maria saw the couple again.

The colossal ship then moved west towards Wales and looked as if it would disappear into the fog.

One of probably the most astonishing close encounter accounts comes from a physician named Richard, who now lives in Neston. On Sunday, September 13, 1992, Richard and his girlfriend Helen (later his wife) decided to go to an antiques fair being held on the Parkgate Hotel on Boathouse Lane.

They set off from Richard's house in Prenton with Helen on the wheel, as Richard had been drinking at a celebration the previous evening.

This was a couple of days before the introduction of satellite navigation systems and, not being thoroughly versed in Parkgate, Helen took a incorrect turn after which they found Boathouse Lane, but were distracted by an enormous round ship descending from the clear blue sky.

At first Richard thought it was some sort of kite and thought it was a small object, but because the ship got here down, Richard told Helen to stop since it looked prefer it was going to crash right into a field of what looked like yellow gorse. .

The object appeared to descend downward for a while and Richard noticed that cars driving along Boathouse Lane were slowing down as drivers and passengers observed the enormous UFO.

Eventually the ship landed in the space and Helen noticed, “Oh my God, someone has invaded us,” and commenced her automobile to get away from the world.

Richard told her to remain put.

He was fascinated by some huge ship.

According to Richard, the UFO's hull was silvery and will need to have been about 2,000 feet in diameter.

It was one way or the other balanced by the cone-shaped structure on which it rested in the middle of the chassis.

Helen said, “Nothing on the planet built this, let's go,” but Richard got out of the automobile and walked through the gate to get to the sector.

Helen threatened to depart herself because she was terrified by the sight.

Richard stopped, then went to the left, hoping to see the ship from a distinct vantage point, because the gorse was too thick to go through – and something very intriguing happened.

As Richard and Helen moved about 50 feet to the left, the enormous ship took on a blue color that matched the sky, and the further to the left the pair went, the more the ship looked as if it would disappear until it was almost invisible from this angle.

Helen then said, “Listen! Can you hear someone screaming?”

Richard stood still and he and his girlfriend heard what appeared like a bunch of individuals shouting “Help!”

It gave the impression to be coming from an enormous UFO.

Something flashed from the ship, startling the pair, before it began to rise upwards, the cone-shaped structure beneath it entering the ship because it gained altitude.

The couple turned and ran to the automobile and Helen drove away, the plan to go to the antique fair being abandoned.

As Helen drove down Boathouse Lane (towards a relative's house on Chester Road), she looked up on the blue sky but didn't see the large UFO, but Richard did.

He looked out the rear windscreen of the automobile and saw something tilting sideways, heading towards North Wales. Then he overlooked the ship.

The couple were checking the news on the TV and radio and later in a pub in Prenton the barman heard Richard and Helen's account of the large ship and said he had also heard of an enormous saucer-shaped UFO seen over Parkgate.

Richard, being a physician, selected to not speak about this encounter after that day for obvious reasons, but I learned about this craft from many BBC Radio Merseyside listeners once I was discussing UFOs one afternoon.

I ponder who those people were who heard the cry for help from that ship; Were they victims of some kidnapping?

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