An enormous UFO blocking the sky over Xiaoshan Airport

An enormous UFO blocking the sky over Xiaoshan Airport
1 May 2024 J.W.H

In the summer of 2010, the skies above Hangzhou's Xiaoshan Airport got here into focus when an enormous UFO disrupted regular air traffic. On the evening of July 7, operations got here to an abrupt halt when unidentified lights appeared, resulting in a cascade of delayed and diverted flights.

The alarm was triggered by shiny lights within the sky that were moving erratically. Reports indicate that air traffic controllers from the Hohhot Air Traffic Management Office spotted the thing on their radar.

The flight crew preparing to descend first detected the thing around 8:40 p.m. and notified air traffic control. Aviation authorities responded inside minutes, suspending outgoing flights and diverting incoming ones to airports in Ningbo and Wuxi.

The incident it was so special that the air defense siren was even activated on the airport, and warplanes patrolled all night long. During this time, 1000’s of individuals on the airport witnessed the incident, taking photos and videos of various quality.

Eighteen flights were affected. Although normal operations resumed an hour later, the incident captured the eye of the Chinese media and sparked a storm of speculation concerning the identity of the UFO.

After about an hour, the thing and lights suddenly disappeared and the passenger planes were in a position to land.

Further fueling speculation, Hangzhou residents released photos taken the afternoon before the delays of a floating object bathed in golden light and sporting a comet-like tail.

The real UFO movie from 2010.

Less than an hour before the closure of Xiaoshan airport, residents said additionally they saw a flying object emitting red and white light rays.

Ma Shijun was walking along with his wife at night when he saw the thing.

“I felt a beam of sunshine above my head. Looking up, I saw a streak of shiny white light streaking across the sky, so I took my camera and took a photograph. The time was 8:26 p.m. However, I shouldn’t have a transparent answer whether the thing was a plane or a UFO at Xiaoshan airport,” Ma told the Xinhua news agency.

Meteorological authorities in Hangzhou offered a more mundane explanation, suggesting that the afternoon images were probably reflections from the plane. Zhu Jing, curator of the Beijing Planetarium, supported this theory about Ma's photo, comparing it to the familiar sight of airplane strobe lights.

The next day, reports got here from Chongqing, where one other alien ship had been sighted, sparking nationwide curiosity and debate.

Days later, Chinese news reported that after an investigation, authorities had learned what the UFO was, but there was “no appropriate time to publicly disclose” the information because it had “military connections,” the state-run China Daily newspaper concluded.

And that's literally all. Yes, that's where news on this scale ends. No tests, nothing.

The incident occurred in 2010, when smartphones weren’t popular, but 1000’s of individuals witnessed UFOs, which is why many videos and photos remained on the Chinese Internet at the moment.

A day later, all these videos and photos were deleted by government departments. Even the news that CCTV had reported the event was deleted that day. Only a number of photos and videos left

Despite conflicting official explanations and eyewitness accounts, the true nature of the lights stays an open query.

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