Strange night

Strange night
5 June 2024 J.W.H

MYour friend Janine and I worked at the elderly Hall in Lowestoft, Suffolk in the early 1990s. I lived about a mile from Hall, we finished work around 11 p.m., and headed back to my place for a drink. There we were, I was riding my bike and she was holding a plate with a slice of lemon meringue cake, and we were walking along an unlit dual carriageway. Halfway down this road there was a cove hidden from the road by a diminutive island covered with trees and bushes. We heard the van pull into the lay-by and a minute later we heard a noise behind us. Looking back we saw a man pretending to pee, looking back the way we came, strange…

He turned and looked straight at us, jumped into the road and started chasing us. We set off along the road, it was already behind schedule, there were almost no cars nearby. Janine dragged me across the street, trying to get the car to stop, but they just drove past us by honking their horn. The road was empty again. The man was catching up with us, my bag got caught on the bike, so I had to carry it on my shoulder. He reached out and grabbed my hair. I spun the bike and threw it back. While running across the street, we saw an elderly man walking in the central reservation and ran towards him, shouting for aid. He was wearing weird clothes, a tweed suit, and his pants were just below his knees, like plus fours. We looked back, the guy saw him too, he turned around and ran back to his van. We were only about ten feet away from him, but the elderly man didn't seem to see us and stared into the distance as if nothing was happening. This enraged us and we ran towards him, demanding to know what he was playing at, when when we reached him he was gone! Completely stunned, we ran on until we reached the farmhouse where I was staying and called the police. The guy who chased us matched the description of someone who attacked a girl in the next village! One of the policewomen told us that many years ago, there was an accident near the road to a man and his family who were trying to go to the village for aid, but he died from his injuries before he got there. several times before. He may not have saved his family all these years, but he certainly saved us that night. The upside to this is that the whole time Janine managed to keep this cake together, nothing has ever tasted so good!

  • J.W.H

    About John:

    John Williams is a Reincarnationist paranormal Intuitive freelance writer...he is living proof of reincarnation existence, through his personal exploration, he has confirmed its authenticity through visits to the very lands where these events transpired.

    Through guided meditation/s using hemi-sync technology he has managed to recollect 3 previous lives to his own, that go back to the Mid to Late 19th century.

    JWH - "You are the GODS! - Inclusion of the Eternal Light of Love and you shall never die”.

    “Death is Just the Beginning of Life”