Encounters with ghosts within the Santo Angel de la Guarda sanatorium

Encounters with ghosts within the Santo Angel de la Guarda sanatorium
22 April 2024 J.W.H

Stories of hauntings have been circulating in the previous sanatorium became a psychiatric hospital for years. It is claimed that the culmination of all of the tragic souls trapped on this place haunts the Sanatorium within the abandoned constructing of Santo Angel de la Guarda.

Santo Angel de la Guarda Sanatorium within the Navacerrada Mountains near Madrid, Spain. The sanatorium was in-built 1941 in French-speaking Spain to treat a number of the very serious diseases plaguing the country. The hospital was also called La Barranca and later the Navacerrada Psychiatric Hospital.

Patients affected by tuberculosis, leprosy, polio and other serious diseases were sent to Pinar de la Barranca. Diseases similar to tuberculosis weren’t higher treated until the Nineteen Fifties with the rise of antibiotics and looked just like the white plague attributable to the looks of patients with the disease.

At that point, one of the best climate for treating this disease was cold and dry air, which is why so many anti-tuberculosis hospitals were in-built the Sierra de Guadarrama region, similar to the Santo Angel de la Guarda Sanatorium.

Sanatoriums in Europe

Sanatorium is an old name for specialised hospitals that were created with specific ailments in mind. They were often in-built the countryside, with loads of fresh air, in a healthy climate, isolated from the surface world. Sanatoriums in Europe and America were very talked-about for the treatment of tuberculosis until the invention of antibiotics.

However, it could actually even be a spot where people can recuperate from conditions similar to alcoholism, nervous diseases similar to hysteria or emotional exhaustion. As medicine progressed, the variety of sanatoriums declined, and plenty of were often abandoned within the mid-Twentieth century and have since gained a status for being haunted.

Santo Angel de la Guarda Sanatorium is closed

After the diseases were slowly but surely cured, the sanatorium was transformed right into a psychiatric hospital in 1950 and at last closed in 1995.

The Santo Angel de la Guarda Sanatorium was not completely closed for a very long time and was easily accessible to curious individuals who desired to see it.

Inside, they might find records of patients and coverings that went unexplained, in addition to experiences that some believed were paranormal.

Haunting the Sanatorium

People who decided to enter the abandoned Santo Angel de la Guarda Sanatorium claim that they felt a presence within the abandoned corridors, and the doors opened and closed with some force.

The electrical appliances they’d brought with them had a habit of stopping working. There are also those that claim to have seen lights that appear like small lanterns walking around the world.

Who are the ghosts haunting the Santo Angel de la Guarda Sanatorium

But who’re the ghosts that also haunt the old Santo Angel de la Guarda Sanatorium? There isn’t any mention of a single ghost here, reasonably it is claimed that the culmination of all of the souls that passed through the hospital left behind some type of energy. However, there are reports of individuals noticing distinctive figures haunting this place.

It is claimed that there are kids running across the corridor, playing a game that can last endlessly. There are also reports of elderly women wearing white and searching disoriented. A mother was spotted leaning out of a window together with her baby in her arms, in addition to more indistinct footsteps and voices coming from the darkness.

It will not be certain where these spirits got here from. Whether it was from the times when it served as an anti-tuberculosis sanatorium, or perhaps later, when it was transformed right into a psychiatric hospital.

The way forward for the Sanatorium

The constructing was large and might be used for a lot of purposes. Why hasn't anyone put the old constructing back into use? Was it due to the haunting rumors that nobody desired to take part in? Perhaps it was because the situation is much from every thing and inconvenient?

Today, this place is visited only by vandals, seekers of paranormal phenomena and spiritualists, although the place is closed to visitors and is punishable by a superb.

In September 2020, the constructing made headlines when a person fell two stories and seriously injured himself. He said he was there with friends to drink and practice spiritualism in an try to contact the afterlife. And on this effort he almost got to the opposite side himself.

However, in 2023, the national park where the Sanatorium Santo Angel de la Guarda is positioned decided to demolish the constructing. However, it’s unclear when exactly this may occur, however it is believed to occur this yr.


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