The haunted story of the Epiphany Chapel in Goa

The haunted story of the Epiphany Chapel in Goa
19 April 2024 J.W.H

Despite the indisputable fact that the ghost story has apparently no basis in point of fact, the legends of the three kings haunting the Chapel of the Magi in Goa are still repeated and are said to return out at night, when nobody needs to be there.

The Chapel of the Epiphany atop Cuelium Hill gleams white against the blue sky of Goa. The old church, also referred to as the Church of Our Lady of Medicine, is situated in South Goa, India. The allegedly haunted church has long been related to ghost sightings, supernatural phenomena and unexplained events.

The church's dark past is crammed with stories of Portuguese invaders, brutal battles and tragic deaths that left their mark on the very foundations of the constructing. Locals consider that the spirits of fallen soldiers and innocent civilians still haunt the Epiphany Chapel, making it one of the vital haunted places in Goa.

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The history of the Chapel of the Epiphany

The Chapel of the Three Kings was in-built the sixteenth century by the Portuguese within the village of Cansaulim on the highest of a hill called Cuelim, above the coconut trees below. The Portuguese invaded Goa in 1510 and defeated the Bijapur Sultanate. Portuguese rule lasted for about 450 years and had a huge effect on the culture, cuisine and architecture of Goa.

The original name of the Chapel of the Epiphany was apparently the Church of Remedios Saibini, or Our Lady of Healing. It was in-built 1599 by Fr. Gonzalo Carvalho SJ. At that point, Goa was ruled by the Portuguese Empire.

However, it shouldn’t be certain why the name was modified. The Chapel of the Epiphany refers back to the biblical clever men who visited Baby Jesus in his cradle. Every yr, Christians have fun Epiphany on January 6, which marks the tip of Christmas, especially for the Spanish and Portuguese.

The Three Kings come to Goa

There are many legends related to the Chapel of the Three Kings, that are considered to be the source of legends and stories about ghosts coming from there. One is that there have been once three Portuguese kings who fought for power in the world, or in some cases brother princes who all fought to be the only ruling king.

One of the kings once invited the opposite two to dinner and announced that he wanted to search out a peaceful solution to their quarrel. But when dinner arrived, he poisoned their food and declared himself king after their death.

However, his plan backfired when his brother's followers came upon what he had done and he was aware of the results. However, fearing the wrath of the king's other two supporters, he also drank poison and died with them.

Haunted Cemetery

They were buried together within the cemetery next to the Chapel of the Epiphany. It is alleged that their spirits still wander the hilltop cemetery, still ruling over their kingdom that they so desired and died for.

People who visit the hill where the Chapel of the Magi is situated claim to have seen something spooky at midnight and felt what they describe as a powerful presence.

Locals advise you not to go to the haunted church late at night because, in keeping with legend, they’ll never see you again. Some say they only say this to maintain lovers away from this secluded place.

There can also be a legend a couple of tree that grows outside the church. When you allow, you possibly can never look back on it. People are also said to get sick or not get baptized during their visit, and so forth.

Chapel of the Three Kings: Source

Legends and myths across the Church

History shows that we all know where the King of Portugal was all along and it was not Goa. So who was allegedly arguing in front of the Chapel of the Epiphany? Some speculate that the legend can have been more about an area power struggle when the Portuguese occupied the land. However, over time, local warlords became more regal on account of the effect of this history.

In some sources they call the king who poisoned his brothers King Holger Alvunge, but since this can be a name with a Scandinavian sound, it probably has no basis in point of fact. But even within the old days, Goan governments normally kept records and there have been no leaders named Holger Alvunge.

There are also claims that the lights coming from the haunted church resemble a procession of ghosts for kings in the midst of the night, gliding across the church and coming down the hill. But it might happen during Epiphany, when people parade to the highest throwing coins. After they sometimes stay back, a pair with light to select them up.


The Haunted Chapel of the Epiphany shouldn’t be haunted.

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