Dark history and mysterious hauntings in Bhangarh Fort

Dark history and mysterious hauntings in Bhangarh Fort
14 March 2024 J.W.H

If you’re a fan of ghost stories and haunted places, you might have heard supernatural stories about Bhangarh Fort. Often considered essentially the most famous haunted place in India, the fort and its surrounding village were doomed to destruction.

Bhangarh Fort within the Alwar district of Rajasthan, India is often called some of the haunted places on the earth and there are even government signs warning people to keep away from the place after dark.

Bhangarh Fort, or भानगढ़ दुर्ग because it is in Hindi, was in-built 1573 by Raja Bhagwant Das, the ruler of the Kachwaha Rajput dynasty, when the encircling town was also founded, and is today well-preserved and visited by tourists.

The legend of the hermit's curse

According to legend, the fort has been under a curse for a very long time. A hermit or sadhu named Guru Balu Nath used this place for meditation and had a house there. King Raja Bhagwant Das pleaded with the sage and wanted to construct a fort there. The guru agreed on one condition: the shadow of the fort wouldn’t reach him and no house could be higher than his own.

Although King Raja Bhagwant Das agreed to this date, it was not upheld and the sage's meditation place fell into shadow when the columns added later to the fort were too high.

Bhangarh Royal Palace: A fortress containing a complete city and a palace, although most of it’s in ruins today, Bhangarh Fort is taken into account some of the haunted places in India. //Source: Chain /Wikimedia

So the hermit cursed the fort and the complete village of Bhangarh was destroyed, as seen by the indisputable fact that it has no roofs. Before 1720, over 10,000 inhabitants lived within the village, until the population began to say no and today the village is just a ghost town.

The Legend of the Black Magician

This isn’t the one legend and even the one curse that is alleged to lurk within the Bhangarh Fort. Legend has it that much later, a wizard and necromancer named Singhia fell in love with the princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati.

It is usually said that she was the daughter of Chatr Singh, who was the grandson of Raja Bhagwant Das. She was said to be quite beautiful and Singhia fell in love together with her. He tried to make use of dark magic to make her fall in love with him, working magic on the oil she used for massage. It is usually said that they met on the market and he tried to sell it to her. But Princess Ratnavati discovered his plan and poured oil on an enormous stone, which cracked, revealing its magical power.

The stone rolled excessive and crushed the magician to death. Before his death, Singhia cursed the fort and all its inhabitants, saying that the town could be destroyed and nobody would have the option to live inside its partitions.

The curse got here true when the fort was attacked and destroyed by the Mughal army during its forced annexation in 1720, and since then it has remained almost abandoned in comparison with its former glory.

It is unknown how this turned out for the princess, but it surely is alleged that she haunts the Bhangarh Fort, and at night she could be heard together with the inhabitants of Bhangarh, cursed to be ceaselessly trapped within the abyss as one in every of the spirits that come out after sunset.

Supernatural experiences reported by visitors and locals

Both visitors and locals have reported various supernatural experiences at Bhangarh Fort. Some claimed to have seen ghosts, while others heard strange noises and felt anxiety, fear and paranoia during a tour of the fort.

There have also been reports of individuals feeling as in the event that they were being touched or pushed by an unseen force inside the fort.

The Archaeological Survey of India has posted signs in every single place across the Bhangarh Fort prohibiting people from coming here after dusk and before sunrise. Despite the ban on visiting the fort after dark, some people still go there looking for supernatural experiences. According to legends, those that do this may never return.

Although the fort is supposedly haunted, it will probably even be dangerous because of its darkness. Something three friends experienced after they stayed after sunset and one in every of them fell right into a well. Although they were rescued from a well on the approach to the hospital, they’d a road accident and died.

Explanation behind the village with out a roof

There are some things that legends say that a more natural explanation tries to disprove. As for the roofless village, locals say its structure doesn’t include roofs and if built, it could collapse. They also claim that many have died due to it. It was once a thriving village, but today it’s abandoned.

Abandoned Ghost Town: Ruins of the Royal Palace at Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan. //Radha Joshi/Wikimedia Commons

It isn’t certain why it is sort of abandoned today, and in 2001, just one,250 people lived within the village outside the old city limits. It is alleged that after the death of Chatr Singh in 1630, this was the start of the slow decline of Bhangar.

The desertion of the village and the fort could have been related to the famine in 1783, which quickly either drove out the inhabitants or murdered them.

The current condition of the Bhangarh fort

Despite its popularity as some of the haunted places in India, Bhangarh Fort has turn into a preferred tourist destination lately. The government has invested within the preservation and renovation of the fort, and visitors can now explore the ruins and study its history on guided tours.

Although when you are a foreigner, you would like special permission to enter Bhangarh Fort, this step was taken by the federal government because of disregard of regulations on this area. But do you really need to go to?


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