Beyond the Time Barrier: Time Shift in Oxton, England

Beyond the Time Barrier: Time Shift in Oxton, England
18 March 2024 J.W.H

In August 2009, a 42-year-old woman named Helen left her flat on Talbot Road in Oxton, England, and walked 600 meters to her local castle, Caernarvon Castle, where she drank half a beer in a pub automotive park with many others. other customers having fun with a drink and a meal while profiting from the unpredictable English summer.

Helen was feeling slightly depressed because she had just broken up with Mike, her boyfriend of two years, and each time she considered a painful memory from their time together, she imagined herself putting a label on it that said, bad thoughts”. a small thought balloon – a technique her doctor recommended as a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Helen looked around, watching people, and then, after drinking Bacardi and Coke, she decided to walk home.

She was just leaving the Caernarvon Castle car park when a car honked as it slowed down on Bidston Road. Helen noticed that it was an old-fashioned model car and noticed the name “Corsair” on its trunk. A Ford Corsair stopped right in front of Helen and the driver, a woman of about 25 with a babushka scarf and sunglasses, shouted something to her.

Helen walked over to the offside of the vintage vehicle to see what the driver wanted. – Could you direct me to Ingestre Court? – said the woman in a good voice.

“Yes, straight and right,” Helena replied, “I live in the apartments nearby.”

“Oh, would you like a ride there then?” Can you show me the way? – asked the woman, who adjusted her sunglasses and peered at them with a large pair of friendly blue eyes.

“Yes, of course, thank you,” Helen replied and got into the car. A few seconds later, Helen noticed that all the cars driving up and down Bidston Road were vehicles that looked like they came from the 1960s and 1970s.

Then Helen noticed a policeman – on a bicycle who was not wearing a yellow reflective jacket or a bicycle helmet. The driver then turned to Helen and said: “I have to see Mrs. MacDonald at Ingestre Court; You said it was there on the right?

Helen knew Mrs MacDonald at Ingestre Court when she was a child, but she tragically died in a car accident in 1974. Helen pointed to Ingestre Court – and saw that every car parked there was an antique. It hadn't yet dawned on the Oxton woman that she had somehow traveled back in time. “Yes, that's Ingestre Court,” Helen muttered, and the woman stopped and said, “Thanks, I'm a stranger to these parts.”

“You're welcome,” Helen said, and in a daze she got out of the Ford Corsair and the woman drove to the parking lot next to the apartments.

Helen was walking along looking at the cars and saw that one of the parked cars had “Dec 67” written on it. Helen went to her apartment and discovered that her key didn't work.

The lock was now an old Yale model, so she rang the bell and a woman with horned glasses opened the door.

Helena felt like she was dreaming.

“I live here,” she told the astonished woman, and the woman looked Helena up and down before taking a step back into the hall and slamming the door behind her.

Helen left, slowly realizing that she had somehow traveled back in time to the year she was born – 1967.

She took her iPhone from her jeans pocket, unlocked it with a trembling hand, and dialed her mother's number.

There was no signal – no network.

The loud horn of a passing car sounded and Helen looked up from her phone screen to see the woman who had given her a ride back in time. She waved as she drove by in a Ford Corsair and a woman sat in the passenger seat.

At this point, modern cars appeared on the roads. Helen realized that the year 2009 had returned. She turned around and went back to her apartment, the key now fit, and there was no sign of the woman with the horn-rimmed glasses.

This is the nature of the time skip – it often occurs unexpectedly and confuses those who cross the “time barrier”.

Helena had no interest in the paranormal at all and was impressed by the otherworldly experience.

When she visited the Caernarvon Castle pub the next day, Helen's friend told her a strange thing; he saw her leave the parking lot about the time the Ford Corsair pulled up, but he didn't see any vehicle; he saw Helen leaving the pub car park and then she disappeared before his eyes.

Here's another “failure” that two people experienced.

One August afternoon this year, a 65-year-old Wallasey resident called Roy was walking along Poulton Road to his daughter's house (on Clarence Road) when he passed a shop called Gepps.

This intrigued Roy as he lived in the Poulton Road area in the 1980s and had never left Gepps, an excellent trader who sold DIY tools and paint, ironware and even mops.

Roy backed up a few feet, looked into the window, and saw Mr. Gepp in a white coat. Roy was tempted to go into the store, but he had to get to his daughter by 3 p.m.

When Roy mentioned the traffickers to his daughter, she responded with a surprised look and told her father that he must have been mistaken because Gepps closed down around 2008.

“Well, they're open again,” Roy said, and eventually took his daughter around the corner from her home on Clarence Road to where he had seen Gepps.

Roy's daughter was right – Gepps was gone – and in its place was the Amour hair and beauty salon and the doors to two apartments.

“I saw this place, honey,” Roy told his worried daughter; she thought that her father might be showing signs of some neurological disease, but then a woman walking by with a dog stopped next to Roy and his daughter and was apparently eavesdropping.

The woman said to Roy, “I'm sorry; I also saw what you saw – God as my judge – I saw the front of the store. Everything was painted white and there was a blue clock above the sign. And the woman made the sign of the cross and added, “And after I looked back, he was gone.”

'Yes!' Roy said. “I saw that clock too, above the plaque.”

He turned to his daughter and said, “We can't each see various things, can we?”

Author: Tomek Slemen, a writer from Liverpool, best known as the author of the best-selling “Haunted Liverpool” series of books documenting paranormal phenomena and unsolved or unusual crimes. Check out his books Amazon here.

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