Verge del Toro Hospital and the night it became haunted

Verge del Toro Hospital and the night it became haunted
25 March 2024 J.W.H

One night, the Spanish Civil Guard was called out attributable to strange happenings on the old Verge del Toro hospital in Spain. When they got there, they experienced what they believed was an extreme haunting by the ghosts of former patients.

There was a hospital in Menorca that was closed in 2007 after the opening of the New Mateu Orfila General Hospital in Menorca. The hospital within the town of Mahon operated for over 60 years before it closed.

The hospital became a widely known haunted hospital after they filmed an episode concerning the place on the show Cuarto Milenio in 2012, which featured various supposedly haunted places and ghost stories.

This story was told about Daniel, a civil guard from Menorca, who had visited a closed hospital five years earlier.

Night of hauntings on the Verge del Toro hospital

On November 1, 2007, the Spanish Civil Guard and police received a report of a burglary around half past two within the morning and entered the constructing after being alerted by the night security guards working within the constructing.

By this time, the Verge del Toro Hospital had been abandoned for several months, the windows were dark and the doors were locked.

Shortly thereafter, a patrol of two agents arrived and went from room to room to search for the burglars, but found nobody. However, once they were on the bottom floor, they heard macabre laughter and whispers coming from the upper floors.

As they stood outside the hospital, they might see the lights within the old hospital flickering on and off for no reason, and shadows appearing and disappearing within the windows.

The guards called for backup, and 4 Civil Guard agents and two from the Police Station who were passing by were tasked with further inspection of the hospital.

They entered again, each the steps and the elevators from the primary to the fifth floor, and located people laughing and joking within the empty hospital, but found nobody.

Daniel told the TV program that they consider the Verge del Toro Hospital burglars have gone into hiding and that more steps are needed to resolve the strange things happening on the abandoned hospital.

During the third inspection, once they were in full swing, even with police dogs, they finally realized that not the whole lot was accurately, and the strange things that were happening weren’t the work of people that had broken in.

By the time they reached the fifth floor, that they had already inspected twice and located that heavy beds and lamp-like furniture had been dragged across the rooms and that the cabinet doors were open. According to Daniel, the furniture was too heavy to maneuver within the ten minutes they left the room.

They tried to get highly trained police dogs to take the elevator to the highest floor. The dogs were doing great up thus far, but they began crying within the elevator and refused to return out once they reached the highest floor. Even when the owner threw her favorite toys into the corridor, she couldn't get the dog out. The owner claimed that the dog often went to the underside of the ocean in the hunt for a toy. But not on this haunted corridor.

Woman in white

That's once they saw her, on their fourth try to see what was happening there. Hidden within the corner, they saw the shadow of a really strange woman, almost as if she was hiding within the shadows about 20 to 25 meters away from them.

The agents asked her to discover herself and leave along with her hands up. They receive no response from the strange woman. They ask again and say they’ll draw their guns if he doesn't listen and threatens them in any way.

The woman is then said to have suddenly vanished into thin air before their eyes. This happened even with the hospital windows and doors locked and all agent exits. There was simply no physical reason to vanish from this place.

Neighbors noticing ghosts

It is alleged that tonight was not the just one when something strange happened within the hospital. A number of months after the episode aired on TV, residents of the Tanques del Carme neighborhood next to the hospital also experienced something strange once they noticed strange things happening to the lights within the otherwise dark hospital again.

After a few years of controversy over what to do with the constructing, in 2019 it was decided to rework it right into a social and hospital, which remains to be undergoing reconstruction.

After the strange events that took place on the Verge del Toro Hospital shortly after its closure, the individuals who went there that night still don’t have any rational explanation for what happened.

The fifth floor was reserved for individuals with mental problems, and other people think a former patient will need to have stayed there. Did she come back for some reason after Verge del Toro Hospital closed? Or possibly she really was resurrected?


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