Unexplained case of spontaneous combustion of a person in London

Unexplained case of spontaneous combustion of a person in London
14 March 2024 J.W.H

In 2017 an an incident occurred which still stays shrouded in mystery and with no final explanation. However, there are various indications that it was a spontaneous human combustion, which further increases the intrigue surrounding the event.

On September 17, around 1 p.m., 70-year-old John Nolan was walking along Orchard Place in north London when an inexplicable event took place in front of diverse witnesses. Suddenly and inexplicably, Nolan burst into flames, leaving those nearby in a state of shock and disbelief.

In a desperate try and put out the hearth, a passerby instinctively threw his clothes at Nolan, hoping to extinguish the flames. However, to their astonishment, the hearth endured with unexpected intensity, defying all efforts to suppress it.

Eventually the hearth brigade arrived and managed to place out the hearth, but unfortunately for Nolan it was too late. He suffered extensive burns covering 65% of his body and died in hospital the following day, and his injuries turned out to be fatal.

Investigators faced a right away challenge in trying to find out the reason behind the hearth. Surprisingly, the flames didn’t affect another objects or structures nearby.

70-year-old John Nolan (Capital Police)

Neither the sidewalk nor the nearby fence showed any scorch or burn marks. Moreover, no traces of flammable substances or accelerants were found on Nolan's body, eliminating the potential for external causes.

According to police reports, John Nolan was a respected member of society, known for his kind nature and lack of conflict and enemies. His neighbors held him in high esteem, describing him as a pleasant person with a delicate nature.

Eyewitness testimony provided no evidence of any interaction or altercation prior to ignition, ruling out the potential for intentional damage by one other person.

An autopsy determined that Nolan's reason behind death was severe burns, although interestingly it was not determined whether the burns were external or internal.

In light of those troubling circumstances, investigators turned to speculation, suggesting that spontaneous combustion often is the most probably explanation for Nolan's tragic death.

Only about 200 cases of spontaneous human combustion have been officially documented in history, but it surely is widely believed that many cases, especially probably the most mysterious and inexplicable ones, have remained unrecorded.

Although scientists generally dismiss the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion in humans as an actual phenomenon, they attribute reported cases primarily to individuals who excessively eat alcohol.

The theory is that top levels of alcohol within the body combined with flammable clothing can result in a fireplace brought on by even the smallest spark, akin to a lit cigarette.

Some experts have proposed alternative explanations, akin to the potential for an internal “short circuit” or an unconventional chemical response occurring within the human body, although further research is required to verify these theories.

The case of John Nolan continues to intrigue and confuse, expanding the mysterious field of spontaneous combustion in humans and prompting further exploration and research into this rare and surprising phenomenon.

Image Source: Pixabay.com

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