Tom Slemen's haunted column: The scariest apparitions

Tom Slemen's haunted column: The scariest apparitions
17 March 2024 J.W.H

In this latest story, world-renowned paranormal investigator Tom Slemen investigates a mysterious case of apparitions.

Let me start with an incident from the summer of 1971.

Terry and Sheila, a married couple of their 40s from Upton, were driving along Barnston Road to a friend's house in Parkgate when Terry needed to stop to let an ambulance pass with its blue lights flashing and its twin horns wailing.

As Terry and Sheila checked out it, they each saw something very amazing; The ghostly pale shapes of a girl in a flowing white dress and a boy flew out of the back of the ambulance and floated up into the clear blue summer sky.

The woman held the boy's hand, and as Terry looked between Barnston Road and the otherworldly spectacle, he saw the floating figures descend again and fly back into the ambulance.

Sheila kept saying, “Oh my God,” again and again, and when the ghostly woman and child gave the impression to be returning to the ambulance, she insisted that Terry follow the emergency vehicle.

Curiosity got the higher of Sheila, and regardless that Terry thought it could be bad taste to chase the ambulance, he also shared a few of that curiosity.

A number of miles later the ambulance arrived at Clatterbridge Hospital and Terry and Sheila arrived on the hospital shortly afterwards.

They discovered that a mother and her son had been taken to hospital with smoke inhalation after a fireplace broke out at their Irby home.

By coincidence, the smoky mother's sister worked with Sheila several years ago and told Sheila and Terry that her sister and nephew had actually died in some unspecified time in the future within the ambulance, but had been resuscitated by the ambulance.

Sheila then told her friend that she and Terry had seen the ghosts of a girl and her son flying out of a speeding ambulance, and Sheila's friend had a tough time believing it, but Terry assured her that Sheila was telling the reality because he had seen them too.

For hundreds of years, occultists, dating back to ancient Egypt, have held that each human being has a “spiritual body” hidden inside a flesh-and-blood body called an astral body, which separates from the fabric body at death or during serious illness.

I feel like Terry and Sheila saw the astral bodies of mother and son the day they each temporarily “died” when their hearts stopped beating.

A really strange creature haunts a house near St Hilary Brow in Wallasey. It appears to this point from around 1976 when Hugh, a veterinarian in training, was staying together with his cousins ​​on this house.

Hugh woke up one morning at 3 a.m. within the guest bedroom of the home, with moonlight streaming in through the windows, after which Hugh noticed fog at the underside of the bed.

He didn't smoke, however it looked as if a smoldering cigarette had been left at the tip of the duvet.

As Hugh sat up in bed and rubbed his watery eyes, he saw the smoke slowly condense into the figure of a unadorned woman with a terrifying, demonic face – and the figure of a pair lay across her chest as she slowly crawled across the bed towards him.

At this point, Hugh found, to his utter dismay, that he couldn’t move, and the shape of the sinister lady became more solid. She appeared to have silvery skin, curly hair, and black eyeballs.

She opened her smiling mouth, revealing 4 fangs. Then she rose from the covers and moved forwards and backwards, rocking, and Hugh had a terrible feeling that this otherworldly creature was on the point of pounce on him.

Although Hugh was by no means religious, he mentally imagined a cross and asked for divine help in order that he could scream. He jumped away from bed and heard the creature hit the headboard and hiss.

Hugh ran out of the bedroom and met his cousin, a person fifteen years his senior, on the landing and told him what he had just seen, and Hugh had the sensation that his cousin knew about this supernatural creature. The cousins ​​went to the bedroom and located an extended tear within the pillow that might not be explained.

Hugh slept downstairs within the chair for the remaining of the morning, holding the poker in case something got here back. He never slept in that house again, but a few years later, in 1987, he heard from one other relative that the landlady, who was sleeping in the identical bedroom of that house on St Hilary Brow, had also encountered a “creeping female figure” that was crawling around whole house. her and bit her on the arm when she woke up one night paralyzed.

Another paranormal investigator told me that this creature – probably a succubus (a female demon that preys on men while they sleep and draws all their life force from them) continues to be very lively.

There is a terrifying and strange-looking supernatural creature that haunts a certain flat above a store on Heswall's Village Road, only a stone's throw from the Black Horse pub, and it is rather difficult to clarify.

In July 2018, Richard and Sara, a married couple from New Brighton, stayed with a store owner they usually all went for a drink on the nearby Black Horse where they watched the England v Croatia match, after which Richard and Sara returned to the flat above the shop and the owner went to your own home.

Around 2 a.m., the couple heard a noise outside their window and thought someone on a ladder is likely to be attempting to break in.

The sound stopped and Richard looked out the window and saw nobody. Then he opened the window just a little, since it was a hot July night, and went back to bed.

He had just settled into bed about 5 minutes later when Sara set free a scream that made his ears ring. Richard jumped up and asked what happened, but then Sarah didn't must tell him, because he saw something dark outside the window and it was a sight that at the beginning appeared like a dream.

A big creature, resembling an enormous spider, with an oval body the dimensions of a rugby ball was climbing up the window.

It had six legs – two fewer than the spider – but was about 4 feet long.

Richard found himself turning on the bedside lamp and what appeared in the sunshine was much more terrifying: the black oval body was a head with two perfectly round, glowing yellow eyes.

'Close the window!' Sara screamed, but Richard was too scared to approach the six-legged abomination, so as a substitute he gathered his clothes and shoes and told Sarah to do the identical, which she did, they usually fled the room. They ran to the automotive and drove the twelve miles home to New Brighton.

Sara checked out the window above the apartment before the automotive began moving and saw something still outside the window. What this creature was stays a mystery.

Author: Tomek Slemen, a author from Liverpool, best often called the writer of the best-selling Haunted Liverpool series of books documenting paranormal phenomena and unsolved or unusual crimes. Check out his books Amazon here.

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