12 years of living in a closed space

12 years of living in a closed space
17 March 2024 J.W.H

That morning, milkmaid Lyubov Mikhalicyna, a resident of the village of Alexandrovsky within the Kirov Oblast, Russia, didn’t show up for work. Colleagues weren’t particularly surprised: the lady didn’t lead probably the most exemplary lifestyle.

However, when she didn’t show up for the following shift, the milkmaids became concerned and decided to ascertain on Lyuba. The door to Michalicyna's house was open, and the lady herself was lying on the ground with no signs of life.

The women called the police. As a district police officer examined the room, he heard movement within the corner that was blocked off by a curtain. What is that this? Cat, rats?

But on the stove, huddled within the corner and searching around in fear like a wild animal, sat a lady – disheveled, wearing tatters beyond her age. But Michalicyna had no children. So whose child is that this?

The chest by which the mother kept the girl.

Upon closer examination, the girl turned out to be quite an adult, in her late teens. And she really was Lyubov's daughter.

Michalicyna, fearing condemnation from her fellow residents, gave birth to a lady at home. She didn't call doctors or register the kid. And as a cradle, after which as a spot to live, she provided a chest for her.

The daughter lived on this box. Sometimes her mother allowed her to exit into the “big world” to eat and relieve herself.

Due to the stationary position of the body, the kid's skeleton was deformed and the limbs didn’t grow. Height on the age of 12 didn’t exceed 60 cm. The girl was sent to a psychoneurological boarding school, where she hardly got used to the corporate of other people. She saw no other people except her mother.

The teenager had no idea about normal food. And also in regards to the basic rules of hygiene. The girl didn't also have a name. And the boarding school staff called her Masha.

Masha today.

At first, Masha didn't even confer with the staff or other patients. I just scolded. Apparently that was the one vocabulary my mother used.

Masha is now 45 years old. He doesn't remember his terrible childhood or tries not to recollect it. The facility's psychologists consider that this was a self-defense mechanism.

Despite her health problems, the lady tries to not lose heart and makes friends with other patients.

The saddest thing in history is that the mother actually broke her child's life simply because she was afraid of public opinion and condemnation from her fellow residents.

Image Source: Pixabay.com

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