The Yosemite legend of the Watts Valley wolf monkey

The Yosemite legend of the Watts Valley wolf monkey
7 May 2024 J.W.H

In Yosemite National Park in Fresno County, there’s a legend a couple of creature referred to as the Watts Valley Wolf Monkey. What is that this creature that locals have allegedly seen within the wild and near urban areas?

In the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, amid the rugged terrain of Fresno County, there are whispers of a creature sighted through the years – the Watts Valley wolf monkey. In the past, legend also called him the Devil Monkey or Devil's Fang, and this legend has existed for at the least a century. But in keeping with this legend, this mysterious creature is alleged to overtake humans on the continent.

Described as a bizarre cross between an ape and a wolf, with humanoid features and an eerie visage, the Watts Valley wolf ape prowls the shadows of Yosemite's suburbs.

Watts Valley: The legend of seeing the Watts Valley wolf monkey comes mainly from Fresno County within the Sierra Nevada foothills.

The Legend of the Watts Valley Wolf Monkey

The legend of the Watts Valley Wolf Monkey has its roots within the landscape surrounding Watts Valley Cemetery, where sightings of this mysterious creature have been reported for generations. Eyewitness accounts describe a creature with the body of a wolf, the face of a monkey or baboon, and eerily human-like hands and feet.

According to the stories concerning the Watts Valley wolf monkey, it looks unhealthy or suffers from some disease. Its sickly behavior and haunting presence have sparked fear and fascination amongst those that dare to enterprise into the wilderness. It is alleged that the Watts Valley wolf monkey is at all times coughing and foaming on the mouth.

Native American knowledge

But where does the Watts Valley wolf monkey come from? There is way speculation, with some claiming that the wolf monkey coexisted with Native Americans once they first arrived on the continent by boat or through the Bering Strait roughly 30,000 years ago. This was at a time when giant animals still roamed the continent.

The appearance of man also meant the so-called “catastrophic decline” within the numbers of now extinct large animals, including camels, horses and mammoths. When the Europeans arrived, they found no monkeys or large animals, only strange drawings of them. Or, if we’re to imagine a number of the witness accounts, some remained.

A photographer's encounter with a creature

Even renowned photographer Ansel Adams, known for his breathtaking photos of Yosemite's natural beauty, got here face-to-face with the Watts Valley wolf monkey during his visits to the region. From this story it seems that there was not only a lone animal there, but an entire herd.

According to the story, he needed to hide in his tent when a bunch of them got here running. His encounters with herds of those mysterious creatures added fuel to the already burning fire of speculation about their existence.

Ansel Adams: Born in 1902 in San Francisco, California, Adams developed a deep love of nature from an early age. He was particularly interested in the rugged landscapes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which became the fundamental theme of his works. Adams created iconic images akin to “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico” and “The Tetons and the Snake River” which have turn out to be enduring symbols of American wilderness. Adams was also a supporter of environmental protection, using his photographs to lift awareness of the importance of environmental protection for future generations.

Although he’s a well known photographer often featured within the media, this story doesn’t come from an original source, but from local blogs. So who knows what Adams really saw there?

The Watts Valley wolf monkey destroys the college

One of the craziest legends about this creature comes from the time when a Watts Valley wolf monkey was said to have broken into a college. It was a protracted time ago when schools had just one room. He terrorized students and the teacher. The children escaped by climbing onto desks and into the rafters of the constructing. It is alleged that the teacher hid within the closet.

The Watts Valley wolf monkey is alleged to have completely trashed the college, destroying its belongings and eating its lunches, before disappearing back into the wild.

A preacher and Satan's pet

Another strange story involving a wolf monkey comes from the Fifties. The preacher is alleged to have shot an person that was at the least ten feet long. The preacher then hung it on the partitions of his church and claimed that the creature was Satan's favorite. It hung there for weeks until the stench became so unbearable that he needed to do away with it.

He sold it to a traveling freak show and used the proceeds to begin his own church in San Francisco. However, his luck quickly ran out and he died shortly after the move. People began to speak concerning the possibility that Wolf Monkey is perhaps cursed because his body was so mutilated after being killed that it took many months to discover his body.

Modern observations of the Watts Valley wolf monkey

Even today, people still report strange things lurking in Fresno County. This normally occurs in the realm of ​​Watts Valley and its cemetery, in addition to even closer to urban areas.

An area Fresno radio station featured a chilling story from two witnesses hunting near Watts Valley Cemetery. They got here across a wolf monkey emerging from the bushes: a six-foot-long, gray-haired creature with a baboon-like face and eerie human eyes.

His moans and strange coughs sent them running, chasing them mercilessly over the hills and pastures. Seeking shelter within the cemetery, they hid behind gravestones because the creature approached. With any luck, the uncle threw down some cinnamon-flavored gum, distracting the beast long enough for the caretaker to maintain them protected. From the sanctuary of the truck, caretakers watched because the creature finally disappeared into the night.

Skepticism about its existence

Despite the charm of those stories, skeptics remain skeptical, dismissing these observations as nothing greater than folklore and superstition. As dusk falls within the foothills of Fresno County and the eerie silence of the wilderness descends, you possibly can't help but wonder: what secrets lie hidden within the depths of Yosemite's forests?


Cryptozoology Facts – The Watts Valley Wolf Monkey is a wierd beast that will likely be present in Fresno County, California. This creature is commonly described as having an ape-like face, completely covered with gray hair, but has human hands and feet. One of the weirder stories concerning the Wolf Monkey occurred when he broke right into a one-room school constructing. The creature terrorized the scholars and the teacher, who used their desks to climb to the rafters of the constructing to take refuge in a protected place. Wolf Monkey got into everyone's belongings, eating their lunch before leaving the constructing. | Facebook

Watts Valley Wolf Monkey

Ten years later, we return to the primary Weird Fresno story

The first Americans arrived within the New World 30,000 years ago | University of Oxford

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