A ghost girl haunting the Cuesta de las Doblas

A ghost girl haunting the Cuesta de las Doblas
6 May 2024 J.W.H

In the center of a steep slope in Spain that is alleged to be haunted, called the Cuesta de las Doblas, there’s a dangerous bend. Several drivers reported seeing what seemed to be a lonely girl with out a automotive on the roads. But as soon as they see her, she disappears like a ghost.

The Haunted Road in Spain is a spot known for its chilling history and disturbing atmosphere. It has develop into a spot where drivers report strange occurrences and encounters with supernatural forces. This road has a fame as one of the haunted in Spain. It is taken into account so terrifying that many drivers avoid it altogether.

This is the case of a selected corner in Spain that received special attention in 2022, when a newspaper substantiated the haunted rumors circulating there and allowed people to speak about their experiences, and other people began to return.

The sharp bend of Cuesta de las Doblas

The 2.3 km long A-472 road in Andalusia is a road where a number of the most serious road accidents have occurred in Spain, in addition to one of the haunted roads within the country.

The road goes down a slight incline and suddenly there’s a pointy bend that many drivers find too abrupt, especially in the event that they are driving too fast.

More than tons of of deaths occurred in Cuesta de las Doblas between kilometers 568 and 570. The old highway, inbuilt 1937, has a deadly design on considered one of its curves and has claimed the lives of greater than 100 people in greater than 70 crashes.

The deadliest road collisions

On April 9, 1937, 16 people died on the Cuesta de las Doblas, and in 1961, 22 people died when a truck by which everyone was crammed together went off the bend attributable to high speed and landed at the underside of the ravine.

One serious accident occurred in 1973, when on June 10, a bus carrying 49 passengers was traveling to Almonte on Pentecost Monday. He didn’t turn and fell right into a ravine, falling from a height of over 40 meters, because of this of which 8 women died.

From that moment on, the place where the bus went into the ravine was called the Black Point. Due to many deaths and accidents, this place has develop into a well known place of hauntings and apparitions.

Girl on the bend

But who haunts the road where so many died? There is a couple of ghost story about this stretch of road, but the preferred is the story of seeing a ghost girl on the bend.

On a chilly and rainy night on November 3, 1976, a taxi driver was driving towards Sanlucar on the slopes of the Cuesta de las Doblas when he saw a woman in an extended white dress and blonde hair. A person in a taxi stopped and asked her what she was doing in bad weather. She said she was having automotive problems and asked if she could give her a ride. The taxi driver agreed and began driving.

After just a few moments of driving, they reached the famous bend. She asked him if he knew in regards to the curve? The taxi driver said yes. The girl said: That's where I died and disappeared into thin air.

This is how the urban legend is told in regards to the ghost most frequently seen on the bend. The classic story of the disappearing hitchhiker as we comprehend it. Sometimes she is alleged to be wearing a white dress, sometimes a red jacket. Sometimes her hair is dark, sometimes blonde. The story consisted of several stories and it’s currently unknown what the unique one was.

Reports mainly give attention to slightly girl wearing a red jacket who appears to be hitchhiking within the late hours, just before a dangerous bend. Her age will not be certain, but many say she is anything from a woman to a girl in her twenties.

According to a number of the darkest versions of stories about her, she is alleged to be the reason behind latest accidents that cause people to hitch her as if she had died. Some say it serves as a warning a few dangerous turn that’s approaching.

A person working for the Guardia Civil was once stationed in Sanclúar la Mayor and one night he was riding on the slopes of the Cuesta de las Doblas. Suddenly he saw slightly girl walking barefoot down the road. Both he and his partner checked out one another and each noticed it.

They turned the automotive around to see if something had happened, but after they turned around, they didn't see anyone. Even though there aren't many places to go, it's just across the corner. When they returned to the barracks, they told the sergeant what had happened, and he asked where it had happened.

When they told him he was on the corner of Cuesta de las Doblas, he smiled and said it was a ghost, but they shouldn't speak about it out loud.

The incontrovertible fact that the girl on the bend disappears because the automotive passes appears to be the common denominator on this ghost story. After the Guardia Civil officer told his story to the newspaper, one other man, Alfonso Castro, spoke up and related the same incident.

He was also driving late at night and there have been two people within the automotive when it happened. As they passed the mysterious girl on Cuesta de las Doblas, a girl within the passenger seat followed her along with her eyes and shouted that the girl had just vanished into thin air as they passed her.

They too stopped and stepped back, not even 10 seconds had passed since they saw her. They tried to see her with a flashlight, but found nobody.

Cuesta de las Doblas today

Even though latest safety measures have been introduced that weren’t there before, Cuesta de las Doblas continues to be considered unsafe to drive attributable to its three lanes and lack of a tough shoulder.

But perhaps if you happen to are forgetful while driving on these roads, a ghost will appear and warn you about you and you may share his fate. Or, worst case scenario, she'll cause an accident, so that you'll join her on a journey that can last perpetually.


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