The haunted Begunkodor train station has reopened after many years of closure

The haunted Begunkodor train station has reopened after many years of closure
25 April 2024 J.W.H

After a rumored sighting of the ghost of a girl wearing a white sari at the agricultural Begunkodor railway station, it was closed for many years. Now that it has been opened, the ghost story has returned. What exactly is occurring on the tracks?

Far from most places within the distant village of Begunkodor in West Bengal lies a railway station shrouded in a mystery stretching back many years and allegedly haunted by a ghostly presence that invariably sends shivers down the spine of those that dare to approach.

Built within the early Nineteen Sixties but closed fairly quickly as a consequence of haunted rumors, Begunkodor Railway Station serves the Purulia district and since its reopening has been seen as one of the haunted railway stations in India.

Lady in white sari

Legend has it that the Begunkodor railway station is haunted by the ghost of a girl wearing a white sari – a tragic figure whose spirit wanders the platforms and tracks, eternally trapped in a ghostly dance of sadness and despair.

This story was told by a railway worker working as a station master to the people of Begunkodor in 1967, when the choice was made to shut the Begunkodor railway station. When he reported his observations, he was ignored and nothing was right. His first-hand account was reportedly published, but he wouldn’t have survived very long.

According to local tradition, the girl within the white sari has many stories. Some say she is a witch with terrible powers, others say she is the spirit of a girl who met an premature death when she was tragically hit by a train in a station, her life extinguished in a moment of unspeakable horror.

Either way, it is claimed that this specter has the ability to cause serious harm to people, and even perhaps take their lives.

Death of the station manager

Because simply seeing the ghostly presence of a girl in white shouldn’t be the one source of terror on the Begunkodor train station. It is claimed that the sight of a ghostly apparition led to the death of a railway employee.

In the identical 12 months, the station master tried to warn the villagers in regards to the ghost, and his and his family's bodies were present in their house. The locals finally heeded his warning and blamed it on a ghost or possible witch that was haunting the Begunkodor train station.

After all of the controversy and rumors, they closed the station when passing trains refused to stop as a consequence of paranormal phenomena they claimed to have experienced on that platform.

Begunkodor railway station reopened

Since that fateful day, reports of wonderful sightings and inexplicable phenomena occurring on the Begunkodor railway station started to appear. Witnesses claim to have seen the ghostly apparition of the Lady in White, her ethereal figure gliding silently along the tracks or twirling in a macabre dance on the platforms. Some even swear that her mournful wails will be heard at night, a chilling reminder of the tragedy that befell her.

Despite these chilling reports, the federal government rejected the claims of paranormal activity and decided to reopen Begunkodor station in 2009 after it had been abandoned for 42 years. Some say staff made up ghost stories to avoid being stationed there.

Some even claim that the locals invented the ghost story for inspiration “ghost tourism”. Perhaps worst of all, this particular rationalist group called Paschim Banga Bigyan Mancha has stated that locals then rob tourists once they scare them away.

They called it debunking the parable of the haunted station in that they camped there in 2017 and saw a bunch of men within the bushes making sounds. Although they didn’t catch them, they consider they’re behind the rumors.

What in regards to the station master and the mysterious death of his family at Begunkodor railway station? Did this really occur or was it a part of a legend created to scare people? As of yet, there is no such thing as a evidence to prove that their deaths actually happened as they claim.

However, despite the federal government's assurances, whispers of supernatural phenomena persist, casting a veil of fear and anxiety over the station and its surroundings. People still avoid using the station after sunset, and twice every week a lady was reportedly seen running on the tracks on the identical day she died.


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