The ghost town of the haunted Aldridge Sawmill within the Angelina National Forest

The ghost town of the haunted Aldridge Sawmill within the Angelina National Forest
15 March 2024 J.W.H

Now an abandoned ghost town deep within the national forest, Angelina, Texas was once a wealthy timber town. Today, the one inhabitants of the ghost town of Aldridge Sawmill said to stay are the spirits of those that ended their lives in one in all many freak accidents.

Angelina National Forest in Texas offers greater than just the tranquil natural fantastic thing about pine and loblolly trees. In the center of the forest lies a haunting story that whispers through the rustling leaves and echoes through the stays of a once-thriving lumber town that recalls Texas' once-thriving lumber industry.

Now you will discover a graffiti-covered ghost town deep within the Angelina National Forest within the Jasper country, near the Neches River. According to local legend, among the people living there never actually left the town.

Collapse of the Aldridge Sawmill in Sawmill Town

In the early 1900s, Angelina National Forest thrived as a sawmill town, bustling with over 1,000 residents around Aldridge Sawmill. At the peak it had its own post office, shop, hotel, school, salons, and its own railway station.

However, this prosperity was marred by misfortune and, in keeping with history, the community was often unhappy. In 1911, the unique mill was destroyed by fire, most probably set by disgruntled staff, because it was dangerous work and sometimes for low pay. It was rebuilt, however the mill was again destroyed by fire in 1914 and 1915. The mill closed within the early Nineteen Twenties, and folks began to depart the once prosperous town.

In the aftermath, a silent and terrifying ghost town remained as residents fled the specter of disaster, abandoning their homes and dreams. The last townspeople left the town within the mid-Nineteen Twenties and only a part of the town's buildings can still be seen today. Even the railway tracks were destroyed and today the one solution to the ghost town is to wander through the forest.

Echoes of a tragic past within the Angelina National Forest

Although nobody lives there anymore, hikers and campers claim to have seen and heard something moving across the old mill community, and native legends and ghost stories have emerged within the century after the town was abandoned and consumed by the Angelina National Forest

Hikers traversing forest paths claim to listen to the disembodied, dying screams of a young woman – a former resident who died prematurely in a freak accident while visiting her boyfriend on the ill-fated sawmill.

The story of the tragic death of a lady in a ruined mill was a source of blood-curdling fascination for people acquainted with local history. According to a disturbing tale, a lady met an premature end when she got too near a saw and have become entangled in its merciless blades, leading to a painfully grotesque fate. Her ghostly presence is claimed to now wander the crumbling confines of the old mill, serving as a haunting reminder of the misfortune that has befallen the once thriving community. The shocking legend of her death is woven into the material of local folklore, perpetuating the incredible mystery of the abandoned mill and capturing the imagination of those drawn to tales of the supernatural.

Ghosts among the many trees

The abandoned ghost town around Aldridge Sawmill stands abandoned within the Angelina National Forest, a century-old structure covered in graffiti and vandalized by hikers. There shouldn't be anyone there, but when you unintentionally hear someone screaming at night, it means it's someone who shouldn't be there in any respect. As the moon rises in the dead of night sky, casting an eerie glow on the ruined buildings, echoes of the past appear to float within the air.

The whisper of the trees and the creaking of old picket beams create an environment of mystery and intrigue, as if the ghosts of the ghost town still linger among the many ruins. Visitors tell stories of strange sightings and unexplained phenomena, adding to the mystique and charm of this forgotten place. The history of Aldridge Sawmill and its surrounding ghost town is shrouded in mystery, attracting those that need to discover its secrets and maybe catch a glimpse of the otherworldly creature that inhabits the abandoned stays.


The ghost town of the Aldridge sawmill in Texas

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