The death of paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari and haunting speculations

The death of paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari and haunting speculations
9 June 2024 J.W.H

The death of a paranormal researcher in India was shrouded in rumors for a long time. After Gaurav Tiwari's body was found in 2016, people started speculating whether something paranormal was the cause.

In 2016, prominent Indian paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari was found dead in his home at the age of just 32. Police ruled his death a suicide, but speculation began to circulate about what happened, ranging from foul play, possession by evil forces, and ending with the power of a vengeful spirit. His death became a mystery, as did what he had been working on all his life. Let's take a look at what happened then and what stories emerged from it.

Background as a paranormal investigator

Gaurav Tiwari: September 2, 1984 – July 7, 2016 (aged 31) was a well-known paranormal investigator in India whose death sparked much speculation.

Gaurav Tiwari appeared in India as a paranormal and mysterious figure. He has appeared on many television shows such as MTV Girls' night AND Haunted weekendsdocumentaries and podcasts in which he discussed and attempted to investigate paranormal phenomena.

Rather than pursue a career in aviation, he decided to found the Indian Paranormal Society, and for years Tiwari and his team scoured India's labyrinthine landscape, venturing into the darkest corners of abandoned buildings, archaic ruins and haunted places.

His interest in the paranormal began after he moved to Florida at the age of 21 and moved into an apartment with four others. In 2007, when he was training to become a pilot, he claimed to have experienced poltergeist-like phenomena and heard whispers coming from nowhere. One of his roommates claimed to have seen the apparition of a adolescent girl. They heard footsteps in the attic and fled the house as the haunting never ended.

This initial interest began to take over his life, eventually turning into a lifelong passion and career. During his work, he investigated over 6,000 alleged haunted places, and also explored the topics of UFO abductions and mysterious creatures.

Death of Gaurav Tiwari

On a fateful night in July 2016, the world of paranormal research was plunged into darkness as news of Tiwari's tragic death spread like wildfire. His dead body was found at his house in Dwarka, New Delhi on July 7 and it appeared to be a suicide.

The news of his death came as a shock as there seemed to be no reason for him to take his own life. He was newly married, appeared on the cover of a magazine, tweeted and went to work as usual. He died on Thursday, and the days leading up to his death seemed completely normal.

That Wednesday, he was investigating an alleged haunted house in Janakpuri, Delhi, and returned home only at 1:30 that evening at his apartment in Dwarka Sector 19, which he shared with his wife and parents. When he returned that night, he had an argument with his wife, but his family said he was back to normal the next day.

On Thursday evening, he checked his email a few moments before going to the bathroom. His wife heard a gigantic bang from the bathroom around 11 a.m. and when she came back to check on him, he showed no sign of life. He and his neighbor had to get through the door. There they found him on the floor. Even though he was immediately taken to hospital, his life could not be saved.

Paranormal Investigator: Until his death, he always explored the paranormal realm and complained that he felt forces taking over him. What was the truth about his death?

Speculations about his death

So what happened to make everything seem okay? There seemed to be a lot of confusion about his sudden death and people started talking. Some speculation was, of course, related to his life's work, paranormal phenomena.

Talking to Times of India, Gaurav Tiwari's father said that he felt “a negative force was pulling him in that direction.

He was found with black marks on his neck, which his Tiwari family often said was a sign of vengeful spirits in danger. Often quoting from the movie Omen from 1976, where such black lines also seemed to appear out of nowhere.

His father stuck to the theory that they had numerous ghost sightings in the house, and all of them occurred within five feet of his son seeing them, even though the others did not.

He told his wife this a month before he died “He tried to control it, but he seemed unable to do so.His wife didn't think much of it and believed he had simply become depressed due to the challenging work that the family was unaware of.

Police investigation into his death

Delhi Police concluded that the cause of death was asphyxiation when he hanged himself in the bathroom. According to Surender Kumar, the DCP said, “This is a clear case of suicide. On Thursday evening, he hanged himself in the bathroom with his wife's dupatta.”

Further investigation revealed that his work had apparently come to an end and that his project had not actually made much money, although it was well known. This caused arguments between him and his family, who wanted him to find a more conventional job, including a wife.

The argument on the night of his death lasted almost two hours, and during the police investigation it emerged that his wife thought he was cheating by spending long nights away from home. His broken phone was found from his room, and while it didn't really provide any conclusive evidence of anything, it did indicate that he was indeed tired and nervous about being questioned by his family.

The enduring legend of Gaurav Tiwari

As we reflect on the life and work of Gaurav Tiwari, we are faced with the sobering reality of our mortality – a reminder that in the dim realm of the paranormal, death is only a gateway to the mysteries that lie beyond.

It's also a case of how we face death. We often try to turn away from it and invent other forces that take our lives instead of ourselves. Even in the community of those who seek death and the afterlife.


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