Ross Castle and the tragic visitation of doomed love

Ross Castle and the tragic visitation of doomed love
3 April 2024 J.W.H

In the castle owned by the Black Baron, it is claimed that ghosts haunt each Ross Castle in addition to a close-by lake. According to legend, the spirit of the baron and his daughter hovers there, each crammed with grief and tragedy after their daughters' doomed love.

In the center of Ireland's County Meath, where the emerald landscape holds ancient tales and timeless legends, stands Ross Castle, built on ancient Celtic land near the Hill of Tara, where the High Kings of Ireland were crowned.

This Grade II listed constructing has long been renowned for its picturesque charm overlooking Lough Sheelin, considered one of Ireland's lakes within the midlands, welcoming guests from near and much as a well-liked Bed & Breakfast. But beyond its inviting façade, Ross Castle hides spine-chilling stories of affection, betrayal and ghosts.

Ross Castle and Lough Sheelin: The castle overlooks the lake and is home to multiple ghost who is claimed to haunt the world.

A castle born of controversy

The castle was inbuilt 1536 under the patronage of Richard Nugent, twelfth Lord Delvin, infamously often known as “The Black Baron” as a result of his dark popularity. Nugent was a harsh man, and his cruelty made him scared of the locals, who lived in fear of his wrath.

One story says that he killed an innocent beggar because he heard that somebody had stolen a loaf of bread within the village. There was no trial, and he was each judge and executioner. When the reality got here to light after the person was hanged on the gallows, a cross was erected on the place of his death.

Forbidden Love: Sabrina and Orwin

Richard Nugent's daughter, Sabrina, lived inside the castle partitions. Far from the tyrannical figure her father created, Sabrina was loved by those she met on her rare forays beyond the castle boundaries. She had poor health, but had a curious mind and was loved by the Irish villagers, regardless that she was the daughter of an English lord who had a terrible popularity and was feared.

During one such escapade, during which she was on the run from her governess, Sabrina's paths intertwined with those of Orwin, the son of Chief O'Reilly and her father's sworn enemy.

Away from family feuds and loneliness, they fell in love and met secretly away from their parents, dreaming of a life where they may finally be together.

The Tragic Escape and Wrath of Lake Sheelin

The young lovers could now not bear the burden of their secret love and decided to run away to be together. One fateful day, they commandeered a rowboat and set sail through the stormy waters of Lough Sheelin. While making their way through the dark waters, their boat capsized, throwing them into the dark depths.

Doomed love: To finally be together, Sabrina and Owen tried to flee by boat to Lough Sheelin, away from Ross Castle and their families. It resulted in tragedy. Painting: Lovers – Arthur Georg von Ramberg

Sabrina was lucky and was fished out of the water by a guard her father sent when he learned of her escape. She was saved, but her beloved Orwin drowned and went to a watery grave and his father didn’t search for him. A number of days later, his dead body was fished out of the lake and washed ashore.

A shocking love story

The tragedy left Sabrina alone and grief-stricken. She locked herself in a castle tower, refusing to eat until she, too, succumbed to her sadness and starved to death.

It is claimed that Sabrina's tormented spirit stays inside the ancient partitions of the castle, endlessly wandering the halls, ceaselessly trying to find the lost love she never had the possibility to be with.

Spooky Encounters

Sabrina isn't the just one haunting the castle, though; her father, the Black Baron, can also be doomed to wander, tormented by the cruelty he has inflicted on others and the grief he feels at losing his daughter in this fashion.

While many guests at Ross Castle enjoy a great night's sleep, others report disturbing experiences. A pervasive sense of being watched, glimpses of the person's ominous presence, and sudden, inexplicable drops in temperature were documented.

Disembodied voices, thunderous banging sounds from the empty upper floors, and doors that mysteriously open and slam, unnerve those inside the historic partitions from the ghosts of the daddy and daughter haunting the castle.

Frozen in Time: The Tragic Tale of the Lake

Spectral activity extends beyond the inside of the castle. Guests staying within the castle tower may witness a repeated tragedy from centuries ago. Legend has it that the lake freezes over throughout the winter, allowing carriages to traverse the icy expanse to succeed in a close-by island and its church.

One chilling story tells of the retreat of the ice, which plunged the funeral procession into icy water. Only the funeral priest survived, the remaining of the procession perished within the lake, following the person they were to bury.

This haunting event is claimed to repeat itself every hundred years and is a ghostly echo of the past. However, it just isn’t specified when this happens, but should you look out your window and see shadows attempting to pass by the frozen lake, you might be witnessing their ghosts.

Funeral procession: A bunch of individuals were walking on a frozen lake on their solution to a funeral. It is claimed that all the procession now visits the lake. Pain by Jack B. Yeats (Ireland, 1871-1957) from 1918

Ross Castle: Where history and the supernatural collide

Standing on the shores of Lough Sheelin, within the shadow of Ross Castle, it’s unimaginable to not feel the burden of the tragic love story that unfolded inside its ancient partitions. As the wind whispers through the trees and the waves crash against the rocks, the ghosts of the Dark Baron and his daughter Sabrina proceed to haunt the castle and the lake.

Over the years, countless visitors have been drawn to the ethereal beauty and historical significance of Ross Castle. Some come in the hunt for supernatural encounters, while others need to immerse themselves within the wealthy tapestry of Irish history. Regardless of the explanation for the visit, everyone leaves with a way of presence that permeates the castle.

Sabrina's ghost, ceaselessly eager for her lost love, wanders the halls and stairwells, hoping to be reunited with Orwin, the love from which she was tragically torn apart. The Black Baron, burdened by his past actions and the sadness he feels over the lack of his daughter, wanders the castle in everlasting torment.

Ross Castle is a testament to Ireland's fascinating history, interwoven with tales of affection, betrayal and tragedy. Whether you visit as a curious traveler or an avid ghost hunter, the stories of Ross Castle will leave an indelible mark in your soul. Once you permit its mysterious halls, echoes of the past linger, whispering within the wind, ceaselessly intertwined with the fascinating great thing about Ross Castle on the shores of Lough Sheelin.


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