Psycho secretly lived with the family with the intention of surgically mutilating them

Psycho secretly lived with the family with the intention of surgically mutilating them
18 March 2024 J.W.H

James and Brittany Campbell married in 2018. James was a single father with two boys and served within the United States Navy. Shortly after the marriage, he was transferred to a Hawaiian military base in Honolulu for 2 years, where he moved together with his entire family, he reports.

In May 2019, they rented a house in Honolulu and shortly after began noticing strange things in the home. It all began when at some point Brittany went to the garage where she had put down boxes of unpacked items to choose up certainly one of the boxes and located it was a whole mess.

Boxes were scattered and items were thrown out and placed in various piles. Everything looked as if an individual was rummaging through and deliberately sorting things in response to one known algorithm.

Brittany got scared, ran home and called her husband. When James examined the mess within the garage, he thought a bandit had broken into the home. However, it later turned out that nothing was missing, at the least something beneficial and noticeable.

They finally decided that certainly one of their dogs had snuck into the garage and forgotten concerning the incident after a couple of days.

Every week later, when Brittany was home alone on the point of meet her friends, she heard the front door slamming loudly. She thought her husband and sons had returned home and called them, but nobody answered.

She left the bedroom and went through all of the rooms in the home, but found nobody. Very scared, she finally convinced herself that it was her husband or certainly one of her sons who was coming home for some time to get something. Then she packed up and went to her friends' house.

James and Brittany Campbell knew one another in highschool and later reconnected when James was a single father with two sons. According to “Phrogging: Hider in My House”, they married in 2018.

Returning within the evening, when her husband and boys were home, she asked if any of them had returned home to retrieve the forgotten item, they usually replied that that they had not. When she told James concerning the door slamming, she assumed it was a draft.

Brittany disagreed, stating that she clearly remembered locking the door behind them within the morning, and James assumed she had simply forgotten about it.

They had an argument that night and Brittany had trouble falling asleep. She woke up in the course of the night to the sound of the door opening. As she listened in silence, she heard one other crash, this time coming from the front door.

Brittany immediately woke James up and told him concerning the door, but he had already called her directly out of paranoia and guaranteed her that he had locked the front door himself that evening. He then fell asleep and Brittany didn't consider him, she went to the front door and saw it wasn't locked.

She immediately ran to her sons' room, but they were asleep. Brittany woke the boys up and asked them in the event that they got up at night and opened the front door. The children denied every part.

Brittany then returned to the bedroom and woke her husband up again. They began arguing and suddenly they each heard a door slamming in the home. Now he was on the side of the door resulting in the backyard. But James wasn't concerned this time either and said it was only a draft.

Just a few days have passed. James was home alone and playing the piano. At one point he felt uncomfortable, as if he wasn't alone within the lounge and someone was watching him. At one point, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a human figure by the window – someone was standing outside and looking out at him.

He didn't see a face, only a silhouette, because there was a curtain within the window, but he immediately ran to the window and threw the curtain aside. Unfortunately, the stranger reacted in a short time and James only noticed how the person ran towards the yard after which disappeared somewhere.

James told himself it could be certainly one of the curious neighbors, but even he became concerned and knew something was incorrect.

The whole family was going to the cinema in a couple of days, and Brittany decided to take her favorite blanket together with her because it was a cold evening. She searched the whole house but couldn't find the blanket. They ended up going to the flicks without it.

When the family returned home that evening, they were shocked to see Brittany's favorite blanket perfectly folded and placed on the couch. Now everyone was terrified and believed that another person was entering their house. They were so scared that they decided to go away for some time and go to their home on the continent.

They returned almost three months later, on September 20. And after they pulled as much as the home, they immediately saw James' bike lying within the driveway, regardless that he had locked it within the garage before leaving.

When they opened the garage, they found it a whole mess again, but this time there have been orange bottles with some pills lying next to the scattered things.

The Campbell home, photo above from a KHON2 report, after a person allegedly lived there while they were away.

The family concluded that they had been robbed and Brittany called 911. After placing the youngsters within the automobile, James took a big hammer from the garage and started opening the front door. He suspected that the intruder was still in the home.

It turned out that he was right, because as soon as he began to open the door, someone from inside began to tighten the handle and disturb him. And then he saw someone's eye within the peephole and a person's voice from behind the door said, “This is not your house.”

Furious, James used all his strength and at last rushed inside, immediately throwing himself on the stranger and knocking him to the ground. He threatened him with a hammer after which dragged him out of the home onto the lawn. The police soon arrived and knocked the stranger over, immediately learning his identity. It turned out to be a person named Ezequiel Zayas, 23.

Meanwhile, James and Brittany entered the home and located the home a multitude. The piano disappeared from the lounge. The furniture had several stains on it. The only room that was tidy was the sons' room.

The kitchen was also stuffed with debris, every part was strewn with pans, pots, plates and bottles of water and an incomprehensible liquid.

In the bedroom, James found a diffusion out towel with many sharp knives neatly arranged on it, and a laptop next to it. When he opened his laptop, he saw a document titled “Omnivore Trials: Rehabilitating Rat-Like People.”

When he began reading this document, his hair stood on end. It was a diary wherein Ezequiel described how he had secretly watched the Campbell family break into their house and peer through their windows. He considered them to be seven human rats on which he planned to perform “corrective” surgical procedures.

“He wanted to play doctor with us, but not in that cute, childish way,” Brittany said. “[He wrote about] how He could make us perfect people.”

Ezequiel Zayas was charged with burglary and first- and second-degree murder.

These procedures included limb amputation and gender reassignment. And to calm down and immobilize the Campbells, he was going to feed them these drugs, vials of which were lying in the garage.

There was also a video on the computer showing Ezequiel sitting completely naked in a chair, looking into the laptop's camera and talking about his plans.

It's still unclear how Zayas got into the Campbell's two-story home or how long he hid there. And why he chose the Campbells. However, his diary contained very personal details about them, such as the fact that Brittany was undergoing infertility treatment, which the couple had not told anyone about, and other medical details. Where he got this information also remains a mystery.

Zayas was charged with burglary but later released on supervision. Shortly thereafter, he was arrested again, this time on charges of destroying a Buddhist temple. This time he received a real prison sentence.

In 2020, while in prison, Zayas killed his cellmate, 62-year-old Vance J. Grace. He was charged with first- and second-degree murder in the fall of 2020 and pleaded not guilty. He was subsequently deemed “unfit to proceed” and placed in hospital.

According to the most recent data, he was facing one other trial. It will not be known yet what happened to him. It can also be not known whether he underwent psychiatric examination and whether he was considered sane or insane, whether he was diagnosed with a mental illness and other details.

The Campbells themselves were very shocked and frightened by what had happened. They left Hawaii as soon as possible, but later agreed to cooperate with journalists and a television program was made about their story.

“This event really affected us mentally as a family. It turned our whole lives upside down. It was really hard to recover from that,” Brittany says.

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