How an easy game modified lives without end

How an easy game modified lives without end
6 April 2024 J.W.H

I even have repeatedly warned readers of my books and columns to avoid any contact with an inverted wine glass – a way of contacting spirits and the dead, also often called Ouija – because nothing good will ever come from it.

Most of the spirits that really come here intend to cause harm and provides false information and to terrify the Ouija session “keepers”, sometimes telling them that their days are numbered and someone will die.

Ouija also sometimes opens the room where the session takes place to every kind of dark forces, and doors to evil presences could be opened that may never be closed again.

A superb example is the Ouija session that took place on a stormy afternoon in 1952 on the Farmers Arms pub in Frankby.

The dangerous “game” was initiated by two bored women of their thirties, and within the pub there have been seven individuals who gathered around a table and placed their index fingers on the bottom of an overturned glass.

One of those present asked the spirits to talk through the glass, and the glass began to slip, touching among the 36 paper squares with the letters of the alphabet and numbers from zero to nine.

The name HENRY appeared repeatedly on the glass and everybody laughed; they expected some dramatic name or message to be uttered, however the laughter quickly ended when a glass fell off the table and shattered into pieces within the coals of the fireside.

There was a noticeable drop in temperature within the pub, and because the sky outside darkened, the 2 women who had suggested the Ouija session – Janet and June – said they felt something pass by them.

They left the pub and headed towards their homes through Montgomery Hill – and to their horror each ladies noticed that something was following them – it looked like a tall man wearing a protracted black cloak and an old worn Quaker style hat.

A violent storm broke out over Frankby, adding to the tense atmosphere as a sinister figure approached the 2 women, leaving them running and gasping in fear.

June stated that it would just be someone from the Farmers Arms messing around and attempting to scare them after that cup washing thing, but Janet disagreed – she saw that the figure moved easily, as if it were on wheels.

The shadowy pursuer suddenly accelerated, and the ladies ran screaming down the lane called Birch Heys.

At that moment, terrified women and a person leaving a hut on the road heard hysterical laughter of figures. The man forged a confused glance on the fleeing women, pondering that there had just been just a little prank and that the person in black was a prankster known to Janet and June.

The women tried to take a shortcut to their homes, running up the stone steps to the stile to get to the general public path, but here, because the heavens exploded with a burst of biblical thunder, the thing appeared to have jumped onto the ladies, its cloak billowing within the wind.

The man within the hut heard their screams and decided it wasn't just the antics of young people – these women seemed like they were being attacked. He ran to the passage and located the ladies lying on their backs, and the hooded man with the strange hat was gone.

The man couldn't understand what was happening in June – she was staring wildly on the oppressive, low storm clouds, but Janet was in tears. She had her hands on her slender neck, which looked red and bruised.

She said the ghost tried to strangle her and June. June had the identical bruise marks on her neck. June was committed to a mental hospital and spent six months recovering from her ordeal, and Janet was tormented by nightmares for a few years a few smiling spectral strangler and his “glowing evil eyes.”

An old and highly respected resident of the Farmers Arms, George, later claimed that “Henry” – the name on the window – was what we now call a serial killer – he was answerable for many unsolved murders within the twentieth century on the west coast of Wirral and made most of the killings appear for suicide.

George claimed that Henry was hanged by the daddy of the girl, who died by the hands of the murderer and was buried at night in a shallow grave near the Farmers Arms.

The body was buried face down, with a crucifix chained to it to maintain the evil spirit of Henry from rising. Sometimes people walking up Montgomery Hill – the lane leading towards the Farmers Arms – either saw a person in a black cloak following them or heard the footsteps of somebody near them.

In a small but beautiful cottage on St Andrew's Road, so called since it is near St. Andrew's Church. Andrew in Bebington, in the summertime of 2009 was visited by one other inverted glass visitor. It was July and the elderly couple who owned the semi were visited by their 21-year-old nephew Ryan and his girlfriend Beth – each from Heswall.

Ryan parked his Volkswagen camper in front of the home and told his uncle that he was having trouble finding a spot to live since he left home and was currently on the lookout for a job.

Ryan's aunt and uncle were to fly to Spain for a two-week vacation and let the young couple stay home until they returned, hoping that Ryan would discover a job by then. As soon because the couple went on vacation, Ryan hosted a semi-final party, and while they were drinking, someone suggested they “try using a Ouija board” and stated that they were good at receiving messages from spirits.

That evening, six people were twiddling with an upturned wine glass, and at one point the glass moved by itself across the table.

Most of the words made up were nonsense, but certainly one of them appeared twice and was: MATHOLWCH – which certainly one of the people on the party – a boy from Rhyl who didn't want to have interaction in a Ouija session – claimed was a Welsh name.

By 4 a.m. the party was over, but many didn't need to stay home because they said there was a sinister “presence.”

Ryan fell asleep in a drunken stupor on the sofa with Beth in his arms, and around 4:30 a.m. he was woke up by Beth's screams.

She said she woke up and saw a person in old-fashioned clothes leaning over her with a terrifying, decaying face. His icy kisses woke her up. She heard him say to her: “My dearest, I will take away your vitality, I will steal even a fraction of your life so that I can live and love you again.”

His accent had a Welsh twang, Beth said, and as soon as she woke up and screamed, it disappeared as he smiled. Ryan knew his girlfriend was a down-to-earth, straightforward one who never lied and wasn't excited by the supernatural, so he just knew his girlfriend was telling the reality.

Two days later, Ryan was standing at the highest of the steps at 10 p.m., looking down the hall and waiting for Beth to go to bed, when he saw a tall, grotesque-looking man with a skeleton face, in what gave the impression to be Victorian garb, reach the underside of the steps .

He placed his bony fingers on the railing – and the lights went out. They lit up again – the menacing ghoul was about five steps away up the steps, and Ryan cursed in horror.

The lights went out again, plunging the hallway into complete darkness, and once they got here back on just a few seconds later, a sturdy looking ghost was standing right in front of Ryan, who turned and ran to his bedroom.

He then heard Beth screaming downstairs, so he left the room and saw that the ghost had disappeared and the young man ran to the kitchen, where Beth became hysterical.

She said a spooky-looking ghost put his arms round her and tried to waltz together with her. She hit him with a wine bottle and he disappeared.

The couple left the home on St Andrew's Road that night and have yet to return.

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