Five Wounds Hospital and the ghost of a nun haunting it

Five Wounds Hospital and the ghost of a nun haunting it
8 April 2024 J.W.H

The Hospital of the Five Wounds in Seville, Spain is alleged to be haunted each by many plague victims and by a cruel nun called Sister Ursula, who was so terrible towards her patients that she was cursed to be stuck within the afterlife as a ghost.

In 1965, Manuel Moreno was admitted to the Five Wounds Hospital and slipped into the corridor to smoke secretly. Suddenly he felt cold and the cigarette went out. When he turned around, he got here nose to nose with a nun who was taking a look at him disapprovingly. Frightened, he ran away, knowing he had encountered a ghost, and ran to inform the nurses. They didn’t imagine him and the superior told him: “You see that smoking is not good?”. Since that day, Moreno has never touched a cigarette, but countless eyewitnesses have seen the ghosts which can be said to haunt Five Wounds Hospital.

Today, the constructing that was once a hospital, the so-called Five Wounds Hospital Meaning Five Wounds Hospital serves because the seat of the Parliament of Andalusia in Seville, Spain. It can also be often known as Blood Hospitalwhich implies Blood Hospital.

This old constructing could be found between the Arab partitions and the Basilica of l. a. Macarena in Seville. At the time of its construction, the Hospital of the Five Wounds was the biggest hospital in Spain and in its time was the biggest hospital in Europe, along with the Mayor of Milan in Filerete.

The constructing is old, dating back to the sixteenth century as a women's hospital. So the one patients were women, apart from poor men who had nowhere to go. But all this had to attend as plagues began to ravage Spain in the next centuries.

Plague and the blood hospital

For years, the hospital was a spot that struggled with the results of disease, war and death. The second half of the seventeenth century in Spain was particularly difficult resulting from drought, plagues and intense rainfall, which worsened the life and health of the population.

The city most affected by this disease within the country was Seville, and it’s estimated that 1 / 4 of Seville's inhabitants died throughout the plague, and all of them were taken to hospital. Of the roughly 25,000 plague patients who passed through the hospital, only about 3,000 emerged alive. Even the staff couldn’t survive the pandemic, over 800 priests died and 80 percent of the doctors who tried to treat them died.

Although the Hospital of the Five Wounds is big, there have been so many illnesses that the dead were piled up on the esplanade and in the massive courtyards of the hospital. It was after this terrible plague that the hospital began to be known by its second name, Hospital de la Sangre.

Closing the Five Wounds Hospital

A foul economy and one other plague hit the Five Wounds Hospital within the nineteenth century, and various wars also affected the hospital, which needed to lay off staff several times for economic reasons.

Five Wounds Hospital: Today the previous hospital is utilized by the Parliament of Andalusia. (Old Five Wounds Hospital)//Source: Annually/wikimedia

The constructing served as a hospital until 1972. For years, the impressive Spanish Renaissance-style constructing stood abandoned. The place was huge, but in terrible condition, unsuitable for contemporary hospitals.

In 1992, the restoration of the Hospital of the Five Wounds began, and the Parliament of Andalusia moved there.

Visitations within the hospital

There have been unexplained and strange events for a few years. There have been many investigations over time into the haunting rumors surrounding the Five Wounds Hospital. It is even said that there was a security guard working there who didn’t need to spend the night alone within the constructing.

Even former Parliament Speaker Plácido Fernández Viagas claimed to have experienced something paranormal while working as an elected MP.

The Five Wounds Hospital was said to be haunted by soldiers who died of war wounds, plague victims, and ladies who died in childbirth. Together they created a way of presence within the old constructing, still wandering the halls that they believed would help them heal from their ailments.

The ghost of Sister Ursula

The most impressive thing in regards to the Five Wounds Hospital is the shortage of a church with a Latin cross. The hospital was run by the Sisters of the Order of Charity.

The legend of Sister Ursula was blamed for the paranormal phenomenon. She was a nun of the Order of Mercy who worked within the hospital throughout the plague in the town within the seventeenth century, and in keeping with our reports she stayed there around 1734 and 1738.

However, she isn’t any longer a healing nun and roams the halls of the Five Wounds Hospital to scare and cause pain to those within the constructing. Apparently she was a ruthless and disgusting soul in life, regardless that she was within the hospital being fed.

According to the stories, she demanded inhuman discipline from those round her, was cold and heartless, and had a foul temper. Many of her patients died right after she took care of them. Some of them weren't even terminally ailing.

According to legend, she died throughout the plague and commenced appearing within the corridors at night. She still wore her habit and carried a set of keys on her belt, which rattled and caused confusion as she wandered through the halls.

It happened sooner or later in June 1968, when 40-year-old Antonio Rodríguez was lying in a hospital bed and noticed a nun:

Especially right after the closure of the Five Wounds Hospital in 1972, neighbors said they saw a nun in old-fashioned clothes hanging across the hospital. Perhaps she was confused about where everyone had gone and had nobody to hassle together with her anymore. Perhaps the proven fact that the parliament moved into the constructing suits her thoroughly.


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