Bloody hauntings on the battlefield of Aughrim

Bloody hauntings on the battlefield of Aughrim
17 April 2024 J.W.H

After 1000’s of individuals died through the war on the bloody battlefield of Aughrim, rumors have been circulating ever since that the ghosts of fallen soldiers still haunt the place. The sounds of fighting soldiers and battle cries may be heard within the darkness of the so-called Bloody Hollow.

The battlefield of Aughrim, amidst the peaceful and luxurious countryside of County Galway, Ireland, witnesses a tragic chapter in Irish history – the Battle of Aughrim. This hallowed ground, once a spot of fierce conflict, now tells a story that transcends the centuries, filled with courage, sadness and restless spirits that also haunt its fields and is remembered as Bloody Valley.

A clash of loyalties

The Battle of Aughrim took place on July 25, 1691 in response to the trendy calendar (July 12 in response to the old calendar). On today, 35,000 soldiers from eight nations gathered near Aughrim in County Galway, their loyalties torn between William of Orange and King James II. This clash of titans led to a shocking spectacle of war and carnage that may perpetually be remembered within the history of Aughrim.

Battlefield of Aughrim: An outline of the Battle of Aughrim (1691) by John Mulvany. The battle was bloody and it’s believed that the ghosts of the fallen soldiers still haunt the fields to today.

The aftermath of the battlefield of Aughrim

Jacobite losses were considerable, with many killed even after the give up. The battle resulted in the evening as darkness and fog descended on the battlefield.

The scale of the tragedy that unfolded on the battlefield is astonishing and constitutes certainly one of the worst massacres within the country's history. On the fateful day when the Jacobite army lost to William, it’s believed that as many as 7,000 soldiers died prematurely.

Their dead bodies were left to decompose where they fell, and the decaying corpses were left in pools of blood for a 12 months until only skeletons remained.

Ghosts of Aughrim

The battlefield of Aughrim has a voice that speaks through time, and folks claim that for the reason that battle the fields are actually haunted. Visitors report hearing the sounds of battle, the agonizing screams of dying people, and haunting echoes of a long-gone conflict. These aural remnants of history function a poignant reminder of the sacrifices and suffering experienced on this hallowed ground.

On the battlefield there may be a spot often called “Bloody Hollow,”, a grim reminder of the battle's grim toll. Visitors have described feelings of intense fear and the sensation of being touched by invisible hands in the realm. Some attribute these incredible experiences to the soldiers who died here, and their pleas for help echo down the centuries.

One of the haunting apparitions that is alleged to haunt Aughrim is a loyal dog. This faithful companion watched over its fallen master, refusing to depart even when death took its owner. A dog's ghostly presence is commonly seen on the place where its master met its end, signifying the enduring bond between humans and their animal companions.

The eternally bloody fields of Aughrim

In the shadow of the battlefield of Aughrim, the ghosts of fallen soldiers still haunt the land. Their restless souls, perpetually trapped within the memories of that fateful day, find no peace. The echoes of battle still resound within the Bloody Hollow, where battle cries and the clanging of swords pierce the silence of the night.

The stories of the Battle of Aughrim, recorded within the annals of Irish history, are a strong reminder of the results of war and the lasting impact it leaves behind.

In the center of County Galway, the ghosts of the battlefield of Aughrim still whisper their stories, their voices carried on the wind. And so long as there are individuals who wish to recollect, honor and learn from the past, the ghosts of the Aughrim Battlefield will live to tell the tale perpetually, and their presence will probably be felt by all who traverse these haunted lands.


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