Beads taken off by a ghost?

Beads taken off by a ghost?
11 June 2024 J.W.H

Hthat's the point. My best friend (Chrissy) has a ghost that has come to her door a few times and really scared her, so she put prayer beads on the doorknob one night and it hasn't shown up again for the past year. Last Friday I went to her room to change, but the door wouldn't close because there were things blocking it, so I took off my clothes and put them in her laundry basket. I closed the door and started changing (no one was home except Chrissy and her stepsister), everyone was downstairs, and the door opened, I shouted “Chrissy, wait, I'm changing” and then closed it. It immediately opened and I said “stop” then I tried to close it again, I leaned against the door and felt the door handle turn so I opened it but there was no one there. I went downstairs and told them the whole story but they said they were there the whole time, then Chrissy asked me, “Did you take the beads off the door?” I told her yes, and then we all panicked and sent her stepsister upstairs to put it back on. However, they weren't there at first, but when we looked at the doorknob again, they were suddenly there again. I know I took everything off the door… It was a terrible night.

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