A lady shot a tramp and a poltergeist appeared in her house

A lady shot a tramp and a poltergeist appeared in her house
15 March 2024 J.W.H

This strange story took place within the early twentieth century and was published within the Coshocton Daily Age newspaper within the town of Coshocton, Ohio, USA.

It all began on September 7, 1906, a few yr before the strange events. A Coshocton resident often known as Mrs. Finton shot and killed an unknown vagrant with a shotgun who tried to attack her just inside her home.

The woman shot the person at close range, but he had enough strength to run away and conceal within the nearby forest. Later, Mrs. Finton's neighbors tried to search out him by following the bloody trail and got here to her aid, however the traces of the tramp were lost within the forest and the body was never found.

People believed that the tramp had finally died and was lying somewhere within the forest because he had obviously lost a whole lot of blood.

Since then, strange things have begun to occur in Mrs. Finton's house, most closely resembling a phenomenon reminiscent of a poltergeist.

First of all, stones began falling on the roof of the home, and there have been so lots of them that it seemed like “stone rain”.

This happened a minimum of thrice and plenty of people witnessed the phenomenon. It was said that pebbles “the size of cookies” fell from somewhere from an ideal height onto the roof of the Finton house, as if from the sky. Sometimes pieces of earth and torn turf fell with them.

In one case, a whole group of men gathered within the courtyard of a house saw many stones falling from the sky onto the roof, they usually all agreed that it was unattainable to see where the stones got here from.

At the identical time, the stones flew with such force that they bounced off the roof and fell into the yard, sometimes hitting people, but not seriously injuring them.

When the pebbles were collected and examined, they looked quite unusual and didn’t resemble the local pebbles in any respect.

People from everywhere in the area were scared and really confused by these events. And finally someone remembered that each one these strange things had began shortly after Mrs. Finton had shot the tramp.

At the identical time, the small print of the incident with the tramp became clear. It seems that an unknown homeless man entered the home without asking and started quite overtly asking Mrs. Finton for food.

The woman told him to depart, saying she would call her husband, who was at home. In fact, the husband was at work. The tramp left, returned half an hour later and told the lady that she had lied to him, that her husband was gone.

Then he said he would kill her and threw a heavy piece of iron that he had picked up from the barn at her and hit the home. And she grabbed her husband's gun and shot him.

All in all, the tramp did job and the lady was just defending herself. But was there really any connection between the indignant tramp and the strange rain of stones that fell on the Finton house? Maybe the ghost of the tramp desired to avenge his death in this fashion?

Unfortunately, the newspaper didn’t proceed this story and it is just not known whether the stone rains stopped or lasted for a very long time.

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