What lies behind the idea within the crying figures of the Virgin Mary

What lies behind the idea within the crying figures of the Virgin Mary
29 March 2024 J.W.H

In a Catholic parish in Hobbs, New Mexico, a statue of the Virgin Mary was “cry

Spectators gathered out of curiosity in addition to for prayer and healing. The statue was found to contain liquid olive oil and balsam – the identical mixture utilized in some Catholic rituals after blessing by the bishop.

Claims of supernatural phenomena, including weeping statues, have been common in Catholicism up to now. A widely known example is Madonna of Syracuse in Sicilya plaster statue that has been shedding tears since 1953. There were actually reports of crying statues last yr in Hungary, Argentina AND Macedoniasimply to name just a few.

To understand why a weeping statue would have religious significance, one must first appreciate the connection between miracles and the Virgin Mary.

Miracles and Mary

Catholics imagine that Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ and due to this fact the mother of God.

Throughout the history of Catholicism, supernatural events have been attributed to Mary's power. When the cathedral in Chartres in France burned down, only the relic of Mary – calledVeil of the Virgin” – survived due to the care of three priests who miraculously protected themselves from the warmth and flames.

It can be believed that Mary's intercession ensured victory in Battle of Lepanto in 1571, when the Ottoman fleet was repelled by the forces of Genoa, Venice and the Papacy.

Mary's tears have a special meaning for Catholics: She cries not only over the sins of the world, but in addition over the pain she experienced in her earthly life, called “seven sorrows of Mary” These sorrows, which include the crucifixion and death of Jesus, are represented by seven swords piercing the burning heart of Mary.

Even the floral scent of olive oil and balsam brings to mind Mary, as she is known as “a rose without thorns

An icon of Jesus and the Virgin Mary on the Kykkos Monastery within the Troodos Mountains, where pilgrims gathered in 1997 after reports of fragrant, oily tears flowing from the eyes of a mother and child.
AP Photo/George Constantinou

No wonder the weeping statue of Mary became an object of prayer and devotion.

When this happens, the local bishop sometimes steps in to analyze.

Possibility of fraud

When investigating claims of the supernatural, bishops are guided by standards set by the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who oversees Catholic doctrine. These standards concern primarily reports “apparitions“The Blessed Virgin Mary. But frameworks also apply to other supernatural phenomena, including crying statues. Perhaps because they raise controversial issues, the standards have only just been made public in 2012 – almost 35 years since their first implementation.

The bishop or a commission appointed by him evaluates the impact of the supernatural phenomenon on the community. Positive features may include healings and conversions, or perhaps a more general deepening of religion amongst Catholics. Negative features include sinful acts corresponding to selling oil from a weeping statue or making statements contrary to Catholic doctrine.

One of the important questions is whether or not the event was staged. For example, in two cases of statues weeping blood – one in Canada in 1986 and the subsequent century Italy in 2006 – it turned out to be the blood of the monument's owner.

You can inject fluids into porous material for statues after which flow out as “tears”. Oil mixed with fat might be applied to the eyes of the statue, which then “cries”. Ambient temperature rise within the chapel.

In the case of the bronze statue of Mary in Hobbs, New Mexico, the investigation revealed no such fraud. But simply because a cause hasn't been found yet doesn't mean a miracle has happened.

The Catholic Church rarely supports crying statues and similar phenomena. Typically, the bishop or the Vatican will only go to date as to say that faith and devotion are more essential than stories about supernatural events.

Searching for meaning

While understanding this phenomenon, it is usually essential to understand the stories and individual motivations that folks bring when praying or worshiping before a statue that appears to be crying.

A special mass was celebrated at Holy Cross College Stadium in Worcester, Massachusetts. outdoors in honor of Audrey Santo, who was said to be related to miracles.
AP Photo/Gail Oskin

For example, in my hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts, statues and paintings mourned with oil and blood in the home Audrey Santo has died, who died in 2007 on the age of 23. As a baby, “Little Audrey,” as she remains to be called, was left mute and paralyzed after a swimming pool accident. It was believed that despite her physical condition, she prayed for many who made pilgrimages to see her. After her death, A a foundation was established promote her reason for holiness. The statues and pictures weeping in her home were seen as an indication that God had especially blessed little Audrey's lifetime of suffering.

In mine writings within the case of Audrey Santo, I used to be tempted to concentrate on stories about supernatural miracles. And the claims about Baby Audrey still stand hotly discussed. After all, I assumed learning could be more interesting how people find meaning in phenomena corresponding to crying statues.

In Santo's home, the people I spoke to shared moving personal stories of pain and sadness, hope and healing. The sense of community in suffering and thru suffering was rather more essential than talking about miracles.

I expect that what is happening in Worcester – and in Hobbs, New Mexico – is greater than just superstition.

An updated version of this text was published on April 21, 2023. Read it here.

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