We put the perfect ghost hunting apps to the last word test

We put the perfect ghost hunting apps to the last word test
3 May 2024 J.W.H

Let's say you would like to track ghosts, communicate with them, and potentially even eliminate them. How are you, a layman with no knowledge of phantasmology, presupposed to do something like that?

Professional media once had control over the revelation market, forcing you to either pay their inflated prices or use a notoriously temperamental and obscure instrument just like the Ouija board. Fortunately, our digital society has put the needed tools within the sticky hands of the person: there at the moment are greater than a dozen ghost-seeking apps available within the App Store.

To help inform potential ghost hunters, I downloaded as many apps as I could find and began testing them out. I began from my apartment as a part of the inspection after which went to the church of St. Mark's on the Bowery and the so-called Death House – two of them probably the most haunted buildings in the big apple. I've broken down the apps into those best suited for beginners, intermediate and experienced ghost hunters, and provided a transient overview of my experiences so that you can read… .

Please, dare.

The best ghost hunting apps


Ghost Radar: Classicghost app: Ghost Radar by Spud Pickles

If you're searching for a ghost tracking app in its simplest form – so to talk – you’ll be able to't do higher than Ghost Radar: Classic. It's easy, straightforward ghost detection.

By measuring quantum fluctuations around your device, GRC is meant to find out the presence of a spirit – a green dot – and even communicate with this entity.

In the image above, the ghost in my apartment says “push.” The ghost within the House of Death told me “equal”, while the ghost in St. Marx gave me a “planet”.

Spirit Communicator by Andrew Gronk

ghost radar

A variation on the identical theme, Ghost Communicator also uses a radar-like design. The principal difference is the extra element of touch, requiring the index finger to be placed on the fingerprint.

There is not any dot indicating disturbance in your area, but specters have been detected that told me to “follow” in the home, “bottle” within the House of Death and “electricity” in Saint. Mark. Ghost Communicator loses points for clearly disclaiming “For Entertainment Purposes Only.”

Ghost detector freeghost hunting apps by Purple Penguin.com, Inc

While Ghost Detector Free looks essentially similar to Ghost Radar: Classic, it has just a few key differences. First, by utilizing “advanced algorithms to configure the device's sensor sensitivity,” it lets you measure vice chairman AND Electromagnetic fieldunlike quantum fluctuations. It further boasts that it “has been used by professional paranormal investigators in Tampa, Florida.”

Perhaps consequently of those facts, the ghosts I detected using this app were rather more talkative and strangely specific. Within a minute within the House of Death, the ghost said the next words to me: “nervousness”, “seminary”, “palace”, and “inappropriate”.

Ghost locator by Sebastien Mougey

ghost hunter

Of all of the apps I've tested, Ghost Locator isn't probably the most impressive, however it could be my favorite. Just press the on/off switch and inside seconds a ghost will appear in your radar screen together with some essential details. You can click on the phantom for more information – for instance, Heath is 237 years old, died in 1801 on the age of 24 by drowning, and currently weighs 0 kilos (all ghosts weigh 0 kilos, because the app appropriately told me each time) .


The most intriguing thing, nevertheless, is a further feature of the appliance – , which, along with , is a publication run by the corporate creating the appliance. Excerpt from the July 14 issue: “It was the primary full moon because the transformation from man to beast… my transformation, that’s… a surge of stamina coursed through my veins like a hare that had just drank [sic] a gallon of strong black coffee.

Also, should you enter the code “666” you’ll be able to track down the devil (he’s all the time right next to you).


Ghost WatcherIs ghost detection app real by AKEV

Now that you’ve gotten the fundamental basics down, it's time to take your ghosting activities to the following level. Ghost Observer not only tracks ghosts, but displays them on the screen.

Thanks to this app, I learned how ubiquitous ghosts are – I discovered several in St. Mark's (above) and the Death House, but in addition in my apartment, on the office, on the subway, and at Taco Bell in Queens.

The app is free, but after a $1.99 upgrade you’ll be able to access the “translate” feature and listen to what I assume is a sea of ​​ghosts screaming to be heard.

Ghost recorder by MEDL Mobile, Inc.

ghost apps that really work

If you're eager to hear ghosts in your area but don't need to pay the additional fee, take a look at Ghost Recorder, which “uses special technology to capture supernatural ghost sounds that are beyond the reach of the human ear.”

Unfortunately, the app doesn't permit you to download recordings, however it confirmed Ghost Observer's findings: I heard a feedback noise, whistling laughter, and for some reason a door creaking in St. Marks, the Death House, my apartment, my office, the subway, and the Taco Bell in Queens. Terrible things.

O Spirit Meterbest ghost app by Adrian3

The Ghost O meter is pretty self-explanatory – it measures the presence of ghosts in your area, at higher levels PKE causing the needle to leap to the precise. The app costs a dollar, however it was actually some of the interesting I've tested.

After no reading in my apartment, I experienced high levels of PKE within the Death House, with the needle jumping higher and better the closer I got to the mansion. I used to be less impressed by the church of St. Mark's Square, where Ghost O Meter abandoned the inside of the church in favor of the balustrade outside. Then again, who am I to say that this railing wasn't particularly haunted?


Ghost Sonar free from XFactor MultiMedia, LLC

ghost tracking app

Specializing in electromagnetic field tracking, Ghost Sonar Free is the one app I've tested that never gave me any readings. This, perversely, makes me much more convinced of its feasibility – it could be awkward to release a ghost-tracking program that never does anything.

In any case, Ghost Sonar is best suited to the paranormal investigator who has time and plenty of patience.

Ghost Hunter M2best ghost app by Michael Weber

The Cadillac of Ghost Hunting gear, the Ghost Hunter M2, costs a dollar, however it has every part you might want: audio and video analyzers, a geoscope, a special camera, and a complete lot of sensors.

On the downside, there's a lot to leaf through that it will probably be overwhelming, and the user interface is relatively boring – each section only offers an on/off button, with no switches to show or knobs to tune.

However, despite these flaws, Ghost Hunter M2 is probably the most accurate and in-depth app in the marketplace – truly putting the “science” into pseudoscience.

Ghost Detection Pro by Perfect Reality Apps, LLC

ghost app

Ghost Detect Pro isn't for neophytes either: it's filled with ghost-hunting technology and provides more data than you might ever interpret. Just have a look at all this data!

Its interface is less complicated and more user-friendly than the Ghost Hunter M2, and it earns distinction for giving me my scariest moments: In the Death House, I opened the app and spoke aloud, asking any ghosts to disclose themselves (a very effective method, as we learned in) . As soon as I finished, a voice got here from my iPhone speaker and told me, “Great.”


As you’ll be able to see, it's easier than ever to trace down a big selection of ghosts, without having to go away your property or spend greater than just a few dollars. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to begin investigating the paranormal each time a spirit touches you. Good luck.

Image Source: Pixabay.com

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