The wildest scientific theories trying to elucidate the Universe

The wildest scientific theories trying to elucidate the Universe
17 March 2024 J.W.H

Although we would love to think that science has solved a lot of the mysteries of the universe, in point of fact we still only have a small fraction of what we all know.

Every from time to time a brand new theory comes along that completely changes our understanding of every thing we thought we knew and sets us on a brand new path that will hold the important thing to all of the questions that also remain unanswered.

None of the hypotheses presented below have been definitively confirmed, but neither have they been completely refuted.

Theory of the Ekpyrotic Universe – Instead of the Big Bang Theory

This theory is a substitute for the widely accepted Big Bang theory, which holds that the universe began from a singularity. The Ekpyrotic Universe theory says that our universe was created by the collision of two others.

This collision is believed to have caused our universe to “reset” after which it began to expand, as within the Big Bang theory.

However, as an alternative of expanding eternally, the speculation posits that sooner or later the universe will begin to contract, inevitably resulting in what some astrophysicists call the Big Crunch.

Then all of the momentum and energy related to the Great Crush creates one other monumental collision, causing the Universe to reset again in order that the cycle can repeat indefinitely.

White holes or black holes?

Everyone knows about black holes and the way their huge gravitational field sucks in every thing around them, including light. But what about white holes?

Theoretically, they’re the exact opposite of black holes and as an alternative of sucking in matter, they eject it. However, scientists have never observed any white holes, so it’s unclear how they may function: as the other end of a black hole, a gateway to a wormhole, or something else.

If the white hole actually ejected material that was absorbed by the black hole, that material would should one way or the other bypass the singularity. Currently, we don't really know what happens to matter that falls right into a black hole.

The fact is that each one the black holes we’ve observed have an event horizon that forestalls us from making direct observations. So if we ever hope to prove the existence of white holes in the long run, we might have to rethink our understanding of the laws of physics.

The Fermi Paradox and the Great Silence

The Fermi Paradox, first proposed by physicists Enrico Fermi and Michael H. Hart, states that if the Drake equation is true and there are indeed tens of millions of intelligent life forms within the Milky Way, then it’s logical to assume that we should always notice some style of signal from at the least one among them. This argument known as the Great Silence.

Over the years, several interesting theories have been proposed to elucidate the Great Silence, and maybe probably the most interesting and implausible of them suggests that we’re all living in a Matrix-like computer simulation.

Simulation theory

This theory suggests that we could all be living in a pc simulation created by an alien race in a galaxy far, far-off. There is a complete group of theoretical physicists who not only consider that simulation theory is feasible, but additionally work on experiments to prove it.

In particular, this can be a group of German physicists to try create your personal simulation of our Universe.

Black holes can create recent universes

It's no wonder that black holes are sometimes viewed because the dark horses of the universe, given their mysterious nature and the power of darkness to soak up light.

However, this theory suggests that a black hole may very well be the mother of our universe.

The idea is that when matter falls right into a black hole, the extreme gravity compresses it right into a single point so dense that it’s thrown back out and creates a wholly recent universe out of the identical matter.

We can subsequently say that a universe with a lot of black holes is actually a kindergarten for young universes.

Some scientists consider that we cannot see beyond the event horizon of black holes because we’re the product of a black hole from one other universe. Oddly enough, this idea matches with theories suggesting the existence of a multiverse.

Multiverse – the speculation of many worlds

Speaking of the multiverse, the many-worlds theory has a rather different explanation for the existence of countless other universes. Using quantum mechanics, it confirms the target reality of space, but suggests that matter can’t be compressed right into a singularity.

So as an alternative of latest universes arising spontaneously from black holes, the many-worlds theory suggests that each time we make a choice, a brand new universe is born.

So each time you will have to select, whether it's coffee or tea, debit or credit, you might be essentially making a recent Universe where you made the other selection.

Every decision you make has an impact until the precise moment when it’s time to make one other decision, after which one other Universe will appear. If that is indeed the case, it signifies that for each decision any human has ever made, there are an infinite variety of Universes.

The heat death of the universe

This theory follows from the second law of thermodynamics and suggests that if the universe is infinite, it have to be infinitely old.

In an infinitely old universe, heat death suggests that eventually the complete universe will reach the identical temperature after which remain stationary. And most definitely dead.

However, this concept would only make sense if the expansion rate of the universe remained constant. An aspect that contradicts other phenomena resembling cosmic inflation.


Ray Kurzweil is a noted futurist who confidently believes that in the approaching a long time, humanity will experience what he calls a technological singularity, during which we’ll learn to bypass the foundations established by nature itself, including death.

Kurzweil believes that really intelligent civilizations (which incorporates humanity) are doomed to evolve into superintelligent beings, perhaps biomechanical, whose computational abilities increase exponentially.

The idea is that by achieving the so-called “singularity”, our technology might be so advanced that we are going to make revolutionary discoveries almost day-after-day. We will find a way to harness the energy of our Sun to make incredible interstellar journeys that previously only existed in science fiction.

In this world, things like cyborgs, Dyson balls, and teleportation devices will not be only possible, but virtually inevitable.

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