The White Child of Las Hurdes and Other Haunted Stories from the Road

The White Child of Las Hurdes and Other Haunted Stories from the Road
13 May 2024 J.W.H

Mysterious ghost children in the course of the road, red eyes chasing cars and other ghosts – the roads in Las Hurdes have all of it. From a spot in Spain that is especially known for its dark legends and history, there’s one stretch of road that folks recommend avoiding.

Spain is legendary for its beautiful landscapes and ancient culture, but there are also some roads which can be said to be haunted. These haunted roads could be extremely dangerous at night, as many individuals have reported seeing mysterious hitchhikers and other strange phenomena.

Driving on these haunted roads generally is a terrifying experience as stories about ghosts and ghosts on the highway are passed down from generation to generation. In this text, we are going to discuss a number of the most famous haunted roads in Spain, in addition to the hazards they pose at night.

Dark Legends of Las Hurdes

Oil: The classic architecture of Las Hurdes within the town of Aceitunilla, where many ghost legends originate. //Source: Herrero Uceda/Wikimedia Commons

Las Hurdes is a widely known historical region in Spain, as are the ghost stories and dark legends of this distant place. Las Hurdes was bordered by the Sierra de Gata to the west, the Sierra de Francia to the north and the Trasierra/Tierras de Granadilla to the south. It is a comparatively high mountain region with a low population density, positioned within the Extremadura region on the border with Portugal.

Las Hurdes is a spot stuffed with secrets and dark legends surrounding it. It is steeped in macabre and dark stories that began to flow into concerning the place as a backward and terrible place when the census was first taken within the sixteenth century.

According to this census, it was once a distant, poor and isolated place with a terrible stench. The people living there lacked basic hygiene, suffered from birth defects attributable to inbreeding, and were barely human aside from God on this God-forsaken place in the course of nowhere.

Due to the remoteness, there have been few schools and little church presence, and it was said that old superstitions prevailed in the realm.

Even in any case these years, the image of this distant area of ​​Spain stuck with Las Hurdes, and your entire region truly gained a more haunted and dark fame than the remaining of sunny Spain.

Haunted road in Las Hurdes

In this landlocked region there’s a stretch of road between Hurdan's farm in Aceitunilla and Nuñomoral on EX-204. These old farmhouses are icons of the region with their black roof and grey stone.

According to local stories, there are stories about this place of apparitions of girls in period costumes with monstrous babies crying in the course of the road. This child or children, known as an unfinished fetus or something between a baby and a fetus, is probably the most famous haunting of the place.

There are also those that claim to have seen the ghost of kids coming from nearby cemeteries along the road.

The white child of Las Hurdes

They call it a phenomenon white child Las Hurdes. You can all the time see him at night crying and crying, but nobody has guessed what the white child from Las Hurdes wants and nobody really knows what it’s.

This phenomenon was first recorded in 1870, when ten witnesses saw it on the roads. Since then, no less than twelve similar stories have emerged through the years.

The child was described as wearing an altar boy's outfit with a white tablecloth reaching all the way down to his feet. There are even stories of ghosts knocking on the doors of nearby farms.

Dangerous roads of Las Hurdes

The White Child of Las Hurdes apparently isn't the one thing haunting the roads around these parts. There are also those that consider that they were chased by some animal with red eyes.

So in the event you end up on these roads watch out, it’s haunted and has been for years.


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