The spooky legends of Malahide Castle

The spooky legends of Malahide Castle
20 March 2024 J.W.H

Some ghosts have one dwelling ghost, others have several. Such is the case with Malahide Castle in Ireland, which is home to at the least five different ghosts, each with their very own tragic stories and endings.

Malahide Castle, or Caisleán Mhullach Íde, is a medieval wonder positioned just nine miles north of Dublin's bustling city center and has been a stronghold of the Talbot family for nearly eight centuries.

Today you’ll be able to visit the castle on guided tours and stroll through the gardens, which have been transformed into parks, a cricket pitch and a concert hall.

But beneath its centuries-old partitions and majestic turrets lies a darker, spooky history, making it one among Ireland's most famous haunted castles, home to at the least five ghosts.

The History of Malahide Castle

The castle's multi-layered history is as fascinating as its ghostly inhabitants. Originally granted to Richard Talbot in 1185, the oldest a part of the castle dates from the twelfth century. It remained within the possession of the Talbot family for nearly eight centuries, with various additions made throughout the reign of Edward IV, including the addition of two impressive towers.

The castle has witnessed many grim episodes, reminiscent of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, during which fourteen family members gathered for breakfast, only to satisfy a tragic end before dinner after being killed in battle.

After Lord Milo Talbot's death in 1973, ownership of the castle passed to his sister Rose, who eventually sold it to the Irish state in 1975 to offset taxes. Although many elements of the castle have been opened to the general public, some have been recovered, helping to preserve the wealthy history of Malahide Castle for future generations.

Malahide Castle is a testament to each the grandeur of Ireland's medieval past and the enduring allure of its supernatural mysteries, making it an important destination for history buffs and ghost hunters alike.

Ghosts of Malahide Castle

The castle's wealthy and sometimes turbulent 800-year history has given rise to many ghostly inhabitants who’re said to still inhabit the partitions. It is alleged that at the least five apparitions roam the hallowed halls of the castle.

Lady Maud Plunkett

Lady Maud Plunkett is one among the ghostly figures in Malahide Castle. Her ghost recreates her wedding day to the Lord Chief Justice by chasing her husband's ghost through the castle's mazes. He was her third husband and Maud is alleged to have been a really possessive woman at the moment, some even say she was violent.

She was the daughter of Baron Killeen. She fell in love with a young soldier named Walter Hussey, who was Lord Galtrim. On their wedding day, Lord Galtrim was attacked while on his strategy to the marriage by a rival and was stabbed to death.

Another version of the legend says that they were married on the morning of Whitsunday in 1429. Just a couple of hours later he was killed in battle.

After this, Lord Galtrim is alleged to also haunt the castle, as he’s bitter that Maud married his rival immediately after his death, for which he pursues her to at the present time.

Puck's ghost

Puck, the ghost of a jester affected by dwarfism, who was also a caretaker, who lived in one among the castle's towers. Puck fell in love with Lady Elenora Fitzgerald, who was imprisoned within the castle by Henry VIII for inciting rebellions.

Some say he hanged himself because he failed in his duties or because he was rejected. But most say the jester was murdered.

One snowy December night, Puck was found dead, with a knife through his heart, still wearing his clownish clothes. Before he died, he swore that he would haunt the castle until the commoner's champion married the Talbot family. Surprisingly, he swore to not harm any Talbot sleeping throughout the castle partitions.

However, his spirits are said to act more as a guardian spirit and he was known to look steadily within the Nineteen Seventies when most of the castle's possessions were sold.

Visitors claimed to have immortalized his amazing face in photos taken within the castle. Even famous singer Lizzo claimed that it was Puck who took her phone while she was visiting the castle.

White lady

What castle can be complete without the ghost of the Lady in White, and Malahide Castle isn’t any exception. The enigmatic White Lady, depicted in a charming portrait hanging on the castle's Great Wall, is one other famous specter of Malahide Castle.

It is alleged that this beautiful, yet unknown lady comes out of her painting and wanders across the castle grounds, especially during moonlight hours, dressed all in white. Her ethereal presence has been observed by countless guests through the years.

The ghost of Miles Corbett

Finally, the ghost of Miles Corbett adds a haunted dimension to the story of Malahide Castle. Oliver Cromwell granted Corbett ownership of the castle and surrounding lands from 1649 to 1660, after the conquest of Ireland.

However, after Cromwell's death, Corbett was tried and hanged for his actions during his tenure on the castle and through Cromwell's reign in April 1662. He was held up for instance of what happened to those that conspired against the throne, and after being hanged he was quartered. He was one among those that signed the death warrant of King Charles I.

It is alleged that his ghost appears on the anniversary of his death. He is usually seen as a whole soldier in armor before he breaks into 4 pieces.

Haunted Malahide Castle

In summary, the legends and spooky tales surrounding Malahide Castle in Ireland have captivated tourists for hundreds of years. Steeped in history and tragedy, this medieval fortress is a testament to the enduring appeal of the supernatural.

As visitors explore the castle's halls, they could encounter the ghostly presence of Lady Maud Plunkett, reliving her ill-fated wedding day, or the mysterious White Lady emerging from her portrait and wandering the moonlit grounds. Puck the Jester and his tragic love story proceed to make his malicious presence known, and the ghost of Miles Corbett reminds us of the turbulent times of Oliver Cromwell's reign.

These ghostly inhabitants add an additional layer of intrigue and mystery to the castle's already wealthy history. Their stories and apparitions remind us of the castle's past, its battles, tragedies and royal connections. It is a captivating place that each history lovers and ghost hunters cannot resist.

So if you happen to dare to enter the hallowed halls of Malahide Castle, keep your eyes peeled and your senses alert. Ghosts of the past could also be about to emerge, whispering stories from way back, reminding us that history and the supernatural can intertwine in essentially the most fascinating ways.


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