The legend of the surprising witch in white from Heswall

The legend of the surprising witch in white from Heswall
13 March 2024 J.W.H

The last burst of detonators rang out and whistles rang out in the nice and cozy May air on that Saturday in 1962 because the last steam freight train left West Kirby and headed for Hooton on the single-track railway line that ran parallel to the banks of the River Dee.

Passenger services on this line, which was established in 1886, had ended five years earlier and now there was an entire withdrawal of freight services on the road.

The line served many coal merchants, the Cadbury factory in Moreton and carried many parcels, and there have been mass protests by Wirral passengers, but all to no avail and the road, marked as “unprofitable” by faceless bureaucrats, was closed. closed.

In 1967 there have been proposals to accumulate the old track from West Kirby to Hooton and this track eventually became the Wirral Way.

It is claimed that strange things – supernatural phenomena – occurred throughout the painstaking strategy of tearing out 30 miles of steel tracks and dead line sleepers.

There was a rumor that the stays of a witch had been found; she was buried face down, with a stake in her back – meaning she will need to have been a witch of some power – because only certain forms of witches were buried with such gruesome ritual care after a witch was hanged.

The son of one among the sailors who was digging up a piece of railway track running parallel to Piper's Lane, Heswall, gave me an interview on the radio just a few years ago and told me of a terrifying incident that had been told to him by his father, a spiritual man from Neston.

The man's father found human bones about 4 feet under the tracks, and on the time it was cloudy and raining. Suddenly there was a noise – it appeared like an explosion – and bones, rocks and a human skull flew out of the bottom and flew towards the employees, who ran in all directions.

The femur struck one among the employees repeatedly in the pinnacle and upper back, as if something invisible was using it as a club.

And then debris fell to the bottom, and lots of the staff didn’t return to the track that they had dug until the Irish priest had solemnly blessed it.

At the location of this violent poltergeist attack, which is now a part of the Wirral Circular Trail, what can only be described as atmosphere stays. Many cyclists traversing this a part of the 57-kilometer route have repeatedly told me how they sense a sudden change within the atmosphere there – and a few have even encountered a witch.

In December 2021, David, 19, from Heswall, was cycling together with his Uncle Richie, 62, from West Kirby.

Richie was encouraged by his wife to take up cycling because he was a lifelong smoker who had just quit cigarettes and, by his own admission, was a couch potato, perfectly content to spend as many hours in front of the TV as possible.

He had made up a variety of excuses to not exit today on this gloomy December afternoon, but his nephew had urged him to go.

Richie had cycled nearly two miles of the Wirral Circular Trail from David's house until he told his nephew he felt a shooting pain in his right ankle.

It was getting dark, and when Richie said he should turn around and head to David's house, they each saw light further down the dark path where the bare, gnarled branches of a tree hung.

The uncle and nephew then saw lightning bolts of sparkling electricity shooting from the tree into the muddy ground – after which the figure of a girl appeared in a protracted white dress with thick white hair and gave the impression to be about forty years old.

The light show of electrical discharges and colourful coronas was mesmerizing to David, but his uncle was terrified by the apparition.

The wind picked up and howled around the girl in white, then she rushed towards David and Richie, and despite his claims that his ankle hurt, he rode away on his mountain bike like a bat out of hell, but David felt something knock him off his bike and felt a slight tingling sensation, like an electrical shock, first in his feet after which in his lower legs.

As the teenager lay dazed on his back, an eerie woman stood over him and in an accent that looked as if it would have a trace of Welsh in it, she shouted, “By the spirits of the ancient forests and the blood of the earth, I place upon you a terrible curse – a curse upon you and your kind, the perpetrators of evil against daughters of nature!

David stood up, grabbed the handlebars of his bike, and ran alongside him. Further down the track, he could see the red tail light of his uncle's bike running into the distance.

David got on the bike but felt hands pulling him back and he fell off the bike again.

The woman with the bushy gray head was still complaining, but now he couldn't understand what she was saying because it sounded like she was speaking Welsh. This lady's eyes had a fiery glow in them.

David got up, took his bike and ran with it until he was out of breath, then got on his bike and managed to ride away. He heard the woman – and she seemed to him a witch – continue her tirade.

When David caught up with his uncle, he told him about the curse she had put on him, and Richie apologized for riding away on his bike, but said that the only thing that scared him was the supernatural. Richie seemed to use this terrifying encounter as an excuse to stop cycling every day.

Nothing bad happened to David, but for weeks he lived in mortal fear of the curse that sent him to an early grave.

Richie's wife stated that the so-called witch was simply someone who disguised herself to scare him and David, but this theory did not explain the electrical lightning or the spectacular aura that both men saw around the woman.

Going back a little further in time, to 2018, in December, three women were walking along the Wirral Circular Path.

It was a few days after Boxing Day and two women were trying to burn off the excess calories of Christmas, and the third was walking her dog,

Zeus, large alsat. As the women approached the tree overhanging the path, Zeus, who was usually a very quiet animal, began barking furiously – at the tree.

All three women then saw a translucent image of a woman wearing a white robe and long white hair, standing leaning against a tree trunk with her hands covering her face.

He seemed to be crying, but when one of the women bravely asked the spirit what was wrong, the spirit slowly vanished into thin air, although the Alsatian continued to bark at the tree.

The Lady in White remains a mystery; is he the ghost of a person buried face down with a stake stuck in his stomach?

What did this unknown person do to be stumped in such a terrifying way? Perhaps one day we will know more.

Author: Tomek Slemen, a writer from Liverpool, best known as the author of the best-selling “Haunted Liverpool” series of books documenting paranormal phenomena and unsolved or unusual crimes. Check out his books Amazon here.

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