The Lady in White haunting the Parador Sigüenza Castle

The Lady in White haunting the Parador Sigüenza Castle
12 March 2024 J.W.H

It is alleged that the previous castle is haunted by Doña Blanca de Borbón, a French woman who was married to the lord of the castle in an unhappy marriage for each of them. She was eventually murdered and is alleged to haunt the halls of the Parador Sigüenza castle

Shrouded in mystery and intrigue, we discover the haunted history of the Parador Sigüenza castle set within the breathtaking landscapes of Guadalajara, Spain. This ancient fortress has witnessed centuries of turbulent events, leaving a trail of spooky tales and legends in its wake.

From eerie apparitions wandering the dimly lit corridors to blood-curdling whispers echoing in the good halls, Parador Sigüenza Castle has develop into a paradise for thrill-seekers and lovers of the supernatural.

Parador hotels in Spain

This former castle is now a part of the National Parador hotel chain, which takes monuments and transforms them into hotels where you possibly can stay and learn in regards to the wealthy history of the constructing. Spain is legendary for its stunning landscapes, wealthy history and unique cultural heritage. Among the numerous treasures this country hides, Parador hotels stand out as true gems.

These hotels are sometimes situated in historic buildings similar to castles, monasteries and palaces, offering visitors the prospect to experience the past in a really immersive way. One of such extraordinary buildings is the Parador Sigüenza castle, situated within the province of Guadalajara in the guts of Spain, which was transformed right into a hotel within the Nineteen Seventies.

Parador Sigüenza Castle: Source: Jose Ibañez/wikimedia

Situated on a hilltop with panoramic views of the encompassing area, this castle hotel captures the imagination of all visitors. But behind the picturesque façade lies a memorable story that continues to captivate visitors and locals alike.

The province of Guadalajara, where the Parador Sigüenza Castle is situated, is understood for its rugged beauty and medieval charm. The region is steeped in history, with ancient castles and fortresses dotting the landscape.

History of the Sigüenza Bishops' Castle

One of such characteristic buildings is the Sigüenza Bishops' Castle, currently the Parador Sigüenza Castle. The Bishop's Castle Palace of Sigüenza was so named since it was the official residence of the bishops until the mid-Nineteenth century. Its origins date back to the twelfth century, when it was built as a defensive fortress. Over the centuries, it has witnessed quite a few battles, political upheavals and private tragedies, all of which have contributed to its popularity as a spot of restless spirits and spirit encounters.

Over the centuries, the castle witnessed quite a few battles and sieges, and every event left its mark on the fortress. From the War of the Spanish Succession to the Napoleonic invasion, the castle experienced various turbulent times. These historical events have since develop into intertwined with the castle's haunted popularity, because the spirits of those that died during these conflicts are said to still roam its halls.

Hotel guests have often claimed to have seen ghosts.

Lady in white from the castle

One of probably the most famous ghost stories related to the Parador Sigüenza Castle is the story of “The lady in white.According to witnesses, late at night a ghostly figure wearing a flowing white dress was seen wandering the corridors of the castle. Some consider that this phenomenon is the ghost of Doña Blanca de Borbón.

Visitors reported hearing disembodied voices, whispers, and footsteps echoing within the empty halls. Some even captured unexplained orbs and apparitions of their photos.

Many witnesses testified that they saw the Lady in Biela, and a few claimed to have had direct contact together with her. Visitors also described strange sensations similar to sudden drops in temperature and the sensation of being watched. There are also those that claim that they were woke up from their sleep by the clanging of chains coming from the corridor.

The tragic life and death of Doña Blanca de Borbón

The ghost haunting the previous castle is believed to be that of Doña Blanca de Borbón (1339-1361). She was a French noblewoman and Queen of Castile. According to the story, Pedro I of Castile imprisoned his wife Doña Blanca within the castle in 1355 to forestall her from helping the nobility who desired to overthrow him. He was later nicknamed Pedro the Cruel.

She never wanted marriage, but was forced by her father and the remainder of her family to simply accept her faith. Her husband already had a lover, and she or he was already a widow who didn’t want one other marriage with an odd man.

Her husband also didn’t wish to marry her since the King of France had problems paying her dowry. But political intrigues forced her to get married and the marriage ceremony took place in Valladolid.

However, the wedding failed and she or he was rejected after only three days of sham marriage. Instead, he abandoned her and ran away together with his lover.

However, when civil war broke out in Castile, the king ordered her to cover. She decided to go away the place where she was locked up and took refuge within the cathedral to prepare her supporters and finance her cause, despite her husband. They were now on opposite sides. She was then held captive within the castle for years before being moved to El Puerto de Santa Maria to forestall her from being released to the Aragonese side that was fighting Castile.

She was eventually murdered by the Castilian side by poison, either by the king's personal physician, and even by an arrow to the guts from a crossbowman who had just develop into the brand new guard. She was only speculated to live for 25 years before she was used as a plot for the territory of two foreign nations. Her last words were: “Tell me, Castilla, what have I done to you?”

There are also those that think that she actually died within the dungeon and that her husband threw her into the castle surrounded by his knights. His method was often a blow to the pinnacle, which can also be one in every of the theories.

It is alleged that since then she has been haunting the castle where she was locked for years. Sobbing as I dragged my chains across the floors of this magnificent historic hotel.

Visit to the Parador Sigüenza Castle

The Parador Sigüenza Castle is a testament to Spain's wealthy history and supernatural charm. Its haunted past, stuffed with tragic love stories and restless spirits, continues to fascinate the imagination of tourists and researchers. Her final resting place is alleged to be one in every of the towers, which might still be visited for a €5 ticket.

Whether you think within the paranormal or just appreciate the mystique of ancient castles, a visit to the Parador Sigüenza Castle is certain to go away you with a way of wonder and a newfound appreciation for the enduring power of legends. So undergo its gates, wander through its haunted corridors and discover the secrets that lie inside. Just do not forget that you might not be the just one researching the castle's past.


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