The Haunted Tale of the Wawona Hotel's crashed pilot

The Haunted Tale of the Wawona Hotel's crashed pilot
13 March 2024 J.W.H

The plane is alleged to have crashed in Yosemite and the pilot was taken to the Wawona Hotel within the park. Although he was found quickly, he died while waiting for a health care provider and is now said to haunt the identical place where he died.

Nestled within the meadows of Yosemite National Park, the historic Wawona Hotel is an emblem of hospitality for weary hikers. The hotel itself opened in 1876 and is positioned just 4 miles from the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park.

Known as Pallachun by the native Nootchu tribe, which suggests “a good place to stop” by the indigenous people, the location eventually became the location of a chilling tale that haunts staff and visitors alike to this present day.

Plane crash in Yosemite

In the shadow of the Wawona Hotel lies a story shrouded in tragedy – the story of a pilot whose fate is without end intertwined with the cruel landscape of Yosemite within the Nineteen Twenties. South of the hotel, where the whispering pines solid their long shadows, the pilot's plane got here to a premature end, crashing among the many tall trees of the national park.

Searching for a plane: Air disaster in Wawona in 1926, during which it was reported that 1 person died and 1 was injured. Could this be a plane from the legend?

The injured pilot was taken to Moore Cottage, alive but badly injured. Moore Cottage is a modest property set on a delicate slope behind the predominant hotel constructing. With the echo of his harrowing experience echoing through the air, the injured pilot waited for the doctor to reach to treat his wounds. However, fate had other plans and before medical help reached him, the pilot died.

Moore Haunted Cottage and Wawona Hotel

However, it seems that the pilot's spirit never truly left Moore Cottage, remaining in an ethereal realm that obscures the road between the living and the dead. Over the years, there have been reports of specters haunting the hallowed halls of the Wawona Hotel, and staff and guests alike have witnessed the ghostly figure of a crashed pilot near the location of his death.

Dressed in a threadbare leather jacket, with a cap pulled low on his brow and goggles adorned with a white silk scarf billowing within the wind, the ghost of the pilot wanders the grounds of Moore Cottage. There are particular reports of individuals taking place the steps of the hut.

Moore's Cottage: In the hotel cottage, many of the guests noticed the ghost of a pilot who died in a plane crash. //Source

Who was the pilot haunting the hotel?

There are several questions on who and when it happened, in addition to the actual name behind the accident. Did this occur in any respect, because most accounts of this story are called legends.

Could this be the 1926 plane crash of New York's LeRoy Jeffers, who is alleged to have killed him immediately? Could this be a plane crash that matches an outline we haven't been capable of find yet?

Because although distant, Wawona had a landing pad for planes. In 1927, the airline began carrying passengers, mail, newspapers and lightweight cargo on 50-minute flights from Merced to Wawona. The airstrip operated until 1941, when the federal government decided that the meadow was unsuitable for air traffic.

Despite the passage of time, the echoes of the flight still echo within the corridors of the Wawona Hotel, serving as a disturbing reminder of the pilot's tragic death and the ghostly legacy he left behind. As night falls on the Yosemite meadows, the ethereal presence of the crashed pilot stays unseen.


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