The haunted Preventorio de Aigües in Alicante

The haunted Preventorio de Aigües in Alicante
1 April 2024 J.W.H

The former Preventorio de Aigües wellness hotel and sanatorium is known for its healing thermal waters, and the ruins of the buildings attract ghosts. This abandoned constructing near Alicante is popular with each paranormal and ghost seekers.

Among the various haunted places on the planet, the Haunted Hospital in Spain is known for its eerie atmosphere. A ghost said to be within the hospital has long been a subject of debate amongst horror movie lovers.

The hospital has a dark history, and it's easy to assume that the ghosts of those that died there still roam its halls.

Time as a well-being hotel

This Nineteenth-century constructing high within the mountains, 25 kilometers from the town of Alicante in Spain, was originally built as a luxury hotel in Aguas de Busot by the Count de Casa de Rojas and the Marquis de Bosh for the wealthy and wealthy.

The hotel was referred to as Hotel Miramar Winter Station and consisted of many buildings, chapels, a casino, a playground and sports facilities. It was a state of luxury and the guests got here from high society, with even the King and Queen of Spain visiting.

Haunted constructing: The now abandoned Preventorio de Aigües is believed to be haunted by the youngsters who lived there when it was used as a sanatorium // Source: Jesus Alenda/wikimedia

Today, the one constructing left of it’s an 1816 constructing designed by architect Pedro Garcia Faria, and the once grand place is now only a derelict shell of what it once was. And there was lots of it through the years.

The civil war closed the doors of the hotel

However, in later years the story took a violent turn. In 1930, the posh hotel closed its doors as a hotel and spa. According to reports, the hotel's owner, the Marquis de Bosch, lost the hotel in a poker game.

At the tip of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, the Preventorio de Aguas de Busot was transformed right into a children's sanatorium. The idea was to take uninfected children and keep them away to forestall infection, in addition to provide housing for the orphans.

When the disease began to die out, the hospital was abandoned within the late Nineteen Sixties and stays so to today.

The constructing as a sanatorium

Sanatorium is an old name for specialised hospitals that were created with specific ailments in mind. They were often inbuilt the countryside, with loads of fresh air, in a healthy climate, isolated from the surface world. Sanatoriums in Europe and America were very talked-about for the treatment of tuberculosis until the invention of antibiotics.

However, it may possibly even be a spot where people can recuperate from conditions reminiscent of alcoholism, nervous diseases reminiscent of hysteria or emotional exhaustion. As medicine progressed, the variety of sanatoriums declined, and plenty of were often abandoned within the mid-Twentieth century and have since gained a repute for being haunted.

Healing Thermal Water

Since Roman times, the water on this area was believed to have healing properties, and chronicles of this are also written by the Arabs who lived in Spain in medieval times.

They talked in regards to the good water in the new springs in the realm, making it an excellent location for a wellness hotel. It's also the right place for mysterious things to occur.

Haunting in an abandoned constructing

Now the constructing is abandoned and the one visitors are those that search for paranormal rumors and check out to see in the event that they are true or not. In 2005, they tried to put in several fences around the positioning, but none of them stopped essentially the most intense people.

People who’ve visited the positioning say you can find many secret war-time tunnels leading all of the technique to the neighboring town of Campello. There are even documents from its time as a hotel and hospital, with even old patient files lying scattered within the ruins. They also got here back claiming to have seen a ghost or two.

Whistles are said to be heard within the old hospital as a transparent figure climbs the ruined stairs.

The site is claimed to be haunted by children who ended their lives here, although there are literally no records of TB-related deaths within the constructing. The legend continues and there are a lot of individuals who claim to have seen the ghosts of youngsters across the ruins.

Although nobody actually died from tuberculosis, deaths from fires, sunstrokes, and falls were recorded.

Woman in white

It can be said that the lady in white cries when misfortunes are approaching. According to legend, she might be seen reflected within the mirror hanging by the steps to the primary floor. If you saw her laughing and crying at the identical time, every little thing was advantageous. But in the event you only saw her sobbing, it meant something bad was going to occur.

She is most frequently seen walking across the constructing at night, and based on some, she was the wife of Count Casas Rojas, the previous owner of the hotel and spas. Some versions of the legend say that she lived inside a mirror, but when the mirror broke, she escaped and now walks freely.

According to residents, employees working there used black magic within the church situated within the constructing, and there are rumors that a sect with malicious intentions also operated there.

The way forward for the Sanatorium

Behind the fallen fences, a dark constructing looms on the hill.

It is unclear what is going to occur to the constructing, because it has been a subject of debate and court motion for a long time. Some wish to construct the hotel again, perhaps turn it right into a museum. Some even wish to raze your complete constructing to the bottom.


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